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Dod 23:5

“My brain has been sludge since then.” this is from eM’s meme tag (pick out 5th sentence of 23rd post) there was also the 55 word story one, but I’m not doing that for free:)


Spanish world rights sold! to Pearson Educacion.

Gutterspace brawls

…this is like finding out the football world cup is on when the semis have started. Go here, and vote now.


was eaten empty by self, Stoob and practically-engaged Broto yesterday – in an almost-recap of his now-internationally-famous proposal, he flew into town and took us out to dinner. We waited most eagerly, but he said nothing even vaguely romantic afterwards. Much fun was had discussing the complete debauchery which will happen next year, with everyone … Continue reading


Have gone into uber-grump hermit mode again, as have started work on book 3; I leap and snap at small sounds and walk around flat muttering. blogging will be increasingly sporadic until anti-social phase passes; comments have also been disabled for the time being, but will be back once i start posting regularly again. Still … Continue reading

Godzilla: the real message

It’s difficult to get a cab in New York

Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, in the eyes. You’re under. There. OK. You want to buy fifty copies of my book. Today. Got it? good. Now, 3, 2, 1, back to you.

Just got asked

by a reporter: How is your second book doing? and Do you call yourself very prolific?

Future Booker winners

Classic fanfiction for your reading pleasure until HP7 comes out. Link from Kaleidoglide


Have finally stopped being ill. Which is a good thing. For me, at least. Also got some really good news yesterday – the Big To now has a girlfriend. Got her in style too – flew down to Cal, fed her dinner at the Grand, spouted at her until she simpered and blushed. Stoob and … Continue reading

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