The Simoqin Prophecies

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India’s first fantasy novel in English.

No. 1 Bestseller (India)

The Simoqin Prophecies, first published in 2003 in India, was critically acclaimed and an instant bestseller. It marked the beginning of Indian fantasy writing in English.

Written with consummate ease and brimming with wit and allusion, it is at once classic sff and subtle spoof, featuring scantily clad centauresses, flying carpets, pink trolls, belly dancers and homicidal rabbits. Monty Python meets the Ramayana, Alice in Wonderland meets The Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood meets The Arabian Nights in this novel—a breathtaking ride through a world peopled by different races and cultures from mythology and history.

The Prophecies foretell the reawakening of the terrible rakshas, Danh-Gem, and the arrival of a hero to face him. But heroes do not appear magically out of nowhere; they have to be found and trained. And sometimes the makers of prophecies don’t know everything they need to know…

As the day of Danh-Gem’s rising draws closer and the chosen hero is sent on a quest, another young man learns of terrible things he must do in secret and the difficult choices he must make in order to save the world from the rakshas.


“Cross-cultural extravaganza” – Locus

“In Simoqin, first-time author Samit Basu has created a wonderfully detailed alternate world peopled with a dozen species from mythologies of different cultures… And then Basu has topped it by not taking that world too seriously.” – Outlook

“Numerous delights, great and small… The Simoqin Prophecies is an intelligent, inventive delight. It marks the arrival of a fresh and very original voice” – The Indian Express

“Childhood fantasies, adult terrors and adolescent derring-do beguile the reader down a twisting labyrinth of adventure that’s unrepentantly funny… It is quite simply the most fun book to see in print this year.” – The Times of India

“Playfulness is the motif of this entertaining novel. Reading it, I couldn’t help but think of Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino’s vastly referential exercise in homage – a breathless blink-and-you-miss-it
amalgamation of all his favourite movie moments”  – Business Standard

“The best thing about The Simoqin Prophecies though, is undoubtedly the manner in which it straddles (without ever really crossing) the line between being an entertaining fantasy novel and a tender satire
on the genre” – Dawn

“Basu weaves an intriguing tale, full of mystery and suspense, with generous doses of humour and also does a brilliant job of inventing fabulous (and grotesque) creatures.” – The Telegraph


The Simoqin Prophecies translated

Simoqins Profetior (Swedish)

Der Letzte Held (German)

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