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Ah, nostalgia.

Just discovered they show The A-Team on Star World Oh joy.


Ruchir Joshi’s running wild in the Telegraph; in one sweetly brutal sequence, he sidewalk-slams Rushdie, Naipaul and his friend Willy D. Ring the bell, ref.

Good day

More traffic coming this way; star desi blogger Amardeep Singh has kind things to say about Simoqin. In case anyones come here from there though, have to say: The book’s available in the US, but wont be for long – I dont have a US publisher, and these are copies Penguin US imported from Penguin … Continue reading

Victory for Jai

Neil Gaiman’s linked to Jai’s article about his blog – on his blog. Now Jai will probably by unmoved by this, but I’m an unabashed fan, and therefore very thrilled. Also most excited that I’m quoted in the piece, which throws me in the mix somehow – so now I know my book has entered … Continue reading

unite, write

Was reading up on the St. Stephens school of literature for an article, and have realized the following about the new bunch of Indian writers: I lived in the same part of Cal as Rupa Bajwa and studied in Siddharth Debs college before spending a month in Chetan Bhagats B-school, after which I went to … Continue reading


Ani on Batman. Well, not exactly, given the nature of the post.

Back in Delhi

hot and uncomfortable. Reread Dona Tartts The Secret History on the way. Met the sister and the Paul, who are moving back. Ate momos. And watched A Fish Called Wanda again. And downloaded Google Talk – sound on calls is amazing, but dont have a mike, so cant talk back. Wrestling with research for a … Continue reading

Slightly less ditzy

Apart from the endless yapping, have been catching up on the reading as well – re-reread the Younguncles, reread Unprincess (my favourite is the story starring my sister), another Colfer, and finally finished Cloud Atlas yesterday. Today was supposed to be an Orhan Pamuk/Philip Roth Day, but ended up reading about 900 pages of Jeff … Continue reading

Do I know your blog?

So, Sagnik and I wander into Crossword, slightly furtively because Bridalbeer isnt with us (and without beautiful young woman certifying non-desperation we look a little too prowly for comfort) and sit at a table upstairs. We know Ranajit Dam is going to ditch, and yes, he claims hes too busy watching dogs fight to turn … Continue reading


Sagnik of No URL Left, Bridalbeer and I are calling a Calcutta blogmeet at Crossword, Sunday 5 pm. Be there. Much fun will be had and much coffee consumed

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