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Chosen Spirits hardback now available

Chosen Spirits hardback now available on Amazon Ind! Smell-of-books people, it’s time.

Chosen Spirits international edition temporarily unavailable

thanks to a Kindle store glitch. Apologies, will post when its back online. The Indian edition is fine.

Chosen Spirits Responses: Round One

“It brings Orwellian dystopia and satire closer home with click-bait headlines that you may have read last week, its vision of technological surveillance is as soul-chilling as it is brilliant; and the violence without being graphic is relentless on your peripheral vision; but it also gives you mostly incorruptible, frequently idealistic, incredibly soft-hearted people, it … Continue reading

Chosen Spirits ebook out worldwide

Very happy to announce that Chosen Spirits, the near-future anti-dystopian Delhi novel I’ve been rewriting frantically for the last four years, is now out on the Kindle store worldwide. If you’re in India, it’s here. Published by Simon and Schuster, special introductory price for this launch, so get it quick, unless you’d prefer to buy … Continue reading

Protected: DoD exclusive: Chosen Spirits / Chapter One

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Not another reading list

New Duck of Dystopia issue. A delay, some distractions and a duck.

First issue!

In Duck of Dystopia, a recap, a cover, reading recs, an invitation, and an obligatory duck.

Newsletter: Duck of Dystopia

I’ve started a newsletter, Duck of Dystopia, at samit.substack.com. Reading/viewing recommendations, creativity conversations, author updates and email exclusives delivered to your inbox. Do come and subscribe!

Protected: Welcome to Duck of Dystopia!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Three months to go!

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