Updated sporadically but enthusiastically

In Reader’s Digest: The thing holding you back from being a creative genius wasn’t that you were too busy.

In Reader’s Digest on Parasite’s historic win

In Reader’s Digest: The future of movies

In Reader’s Digest: The future of dating

In Reader’s Digest: The future of digital privacy

In Reader’s Digest: The future of press freedom

In Reader’s Digest: The future of vacations

In Reader’s Digest: The future of cricket

In Reader’s Digest: On Game of Thrones s8

In Reader’s Digest: Ten book recommendations

In Conde Nast Traveller on immersive travelling

At the Bangalore Lit Fest, video of a session about envisioning the next 50 years: with Bruce Sterling.

In India Today, overviewing Indian SFF in 2017

On Buzzfeed India, about Indian icons and outrage

In the BBC, about Indian comedy

Huffington Post piece on “Indian” creatures in lit/pop culture around the world.

An essay on Bollywood superheroes in io9

In The Huffington Post, Seven Essential Indian Books

In the Times of India on new Indian Bad Science Fiction

And on We the People, NDTV, in a big science v myth smackdown

Mumbai 2115 in the Hindustan Times

Top ten superheroes in Comic Attack

A guest post on SciFiNow on writing Resistance.

I was called in to NDTV for a panel to discuss Chetan Bhagat’s full-page TOI ad for his next bestseller. Fun was had:

And then this piece in India Today happened, when they wanted me to explain why Chetan Bhagat was Salman Khan

In SF Signal’s Mind Meld, on non-Anglo writer presence in the Hugo Awards

An essay at military.com about superhuman tech and the military mind.

In India Today’s Independence Day special, on the media and Pakistan

Guest post on Titan Books site: You have (1) Superhero Upgrades available

Guest post at Pissed Off Geek: Top 10 Superhero Films

Jaipur Litfest 2012 coverage for the BBC

On George R R Martin and ASoIaF

On Ra.One and Bollywood

Putu the Cat returns! And other nonsense poetry

On Calcutta and the Pujas for India Today

Post-China Mieville event ramblings

Turbulence teaser poster by Godot

Kazakhstan travel story for Outlook Traveller

Article on Young People for India Today

On responses to the Electric Feather erotica anthology

Bad Twitter-age Beatles parody

Susan Boyle sings for KKR

Dark Knight film review

Moorcock fanboying

Rehan fighting, Rehan dancing

Remembering Shakti Bhatt

IBNLive Chat top questions

Potter 7 review

Josh Fu

My Fair Metrosexual

Weird news 2005: an HT column

On Indian Writing and writer-fights

Parineeta: Subtitle challenge

Another article on Youth, for the Telegraph

Why we need human translators

Drink Pepshi Labh Babli

The Original Putu The Cat Literary Saga


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