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I will be reading from both books/having a discussion on SFF at the Sarai cafe (29, Rajpur Road) on the 3rd of November, 6 pm. Do come if you can.

Chetan Bhagat launch

One night at the call centre – the launch – was duly attended yesterday. Note to bookbuyers – it’s a good idea to go book-hunting before a launch, because you will find many books you like. Repeated V.Seth pre-launch shopping spree success, found the third part of the Bartimaeus trilogy and the only Sin City … Continue reading


Artwork for The Manticore’s Secret cover has arrived. Looks good.

I want to break free

Get Seth, Go (sorry)

For a really good story about a Seth launch, go here. The Delhi one was good fun. Reached 20 minutes early after book-buying spree (Thud!, The Iron Dragon’s Daughter, the Gormenghast trilogy (thanks, Aishwarya, for telling me they were available) and two Murakamis) and got good seats, the hordes that arrived later had to stand … Continue reading

On Comics: City Limits

*note: this is supposed to be missionary-type article, and is not meant for you comics-literate types* Back in the days when the Internet, mobile phones and digital video cameras were as sci-fi as Flash Gordon, when Indrajaal Comics were everywhere and Bahadur, Mandrake and Phantom ruled the hearts and minds of Indian kids, comics knew … Continue reading

The Lightning Thief: Hindustan Times

An adolescent superhero who suffers from attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, schoolteachers who suddenly turn into Furies, a summer camp for half-bloods (children of gods and mortals) separated into teams torn apart by ancient quarrels who compete for Quidditch-Cup-esque prizes, a huge movie deal, worldwide publicity – yes, we’re definitely talking about another ‘next Harry … Continue reading


Yer good-fer-nothing, spineless, scurvy, ponytailed scallywag! Know ye what to do with yer britches when them bloodthirsty, buccaneerin’ bloggers attack? Aye, I pee ’em, cap’n!

Seth on Edge

I dont normally gush about people I’ve met, especially writers , but after I interviewed Leila Seth at the Seth house in Noida (for a Telegraph magazine cover story when On Balance was launched) I remember calling my sister and telling her I wished they would adopt me. That entire family is just so impressive, … Continue reading

We was hacked

But now we’s back

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