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The Puffin Book of Bedtime Stories is out, and I have two short kid poems in it. Got to see it today; it’s really well illustrated and looks great. Buy it if there’s a kid around you want to read stories to. Vandana Singh’s opening story is really nice.

Why blog…

…when you can play Curveball? Or Flamingo Golf? Or Penguin Swing? Hell, just play the entire Yeti Olympics… There (rubbing hands) now you’re not going to get any work done either. Muhaha.


The Forbidden Library, thanks Sanghamitra for the link The Invisible Library, ditto Ani.

Writer, fighter

eM has this nice post up about being in love with books/character and idolizing writers in her youth (ie about three weeks ago) and then growing up and having scales fall from her eyes when she met writers in real life. Its the worst thing to be if you like reading/films, a features journalist. Completely … Continue reading

Transfer letter

While most of the conversation over dinner with Sarnath and other rascal rowdies was about Art and went straight over my head, this is something that other semi-literates might find interesting: The rear entrance of the Manipur Secretariat building has a sign that reads Please Show Pass for Entry. Some enterprising individual has scratched out … Continue reading

Tall Tales

Just finished reading the Penguin translation of Ghana-da. Very nice. Highly recommended. Currently reading Eldest (Eragon 2) Ghana-da’s put me in a mood for high adventure in far-off lands, which can only mean a mammoth Tintin-reading session is on the cards.

Message from Chetan Bhagat

…who felt that the readers of this blog should read his message as well. Hi Samit, Thanks for your mail. I read your piece too. Very good indeed. But I hope youare not geniunely hurt by it or something. But some old fogies hitting literary menopause is amusing, to say the least. Graceful exit – … Continue reading

Sinister ducks

Read this: Evil radioactive ducks In a more classical vein, here are the lyrics to Alan Moore’s The March of the Sinister Ducks (performed by the Sinister Ducks) Everyone thinks they’re such sweet little things Ducks, Ducks! Quack, Quack! Quack, Quack! Soft downy feathers and nice little wings. Ducks, Ducks! Quack, Quack! Quack, Quack! But … Continue reading

IWE Spats: Tehelka

Do pick up a copy of this week’s Tehelka: It’s got another Indian v diaspora article by William Dalrymple, a piece by Rana Dasgupta about his Guardian article, and this: “In regards to my little dispute with the Ayatollah Khomeini, let me point out that one of us is now dead. The moral is, don’t … Continue reading


How mind-numbingly scary it is when the net is down. It’s finally back, thank the gods. The cable internet people got tired of me calling every few minutes. Well, it took them seven hours to haul ass, so I guess we were pretty even. While I was waiting, finished a book, watched Fantastic Four (nice … Continue reading

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