The City Inside

“Basu’s evocative and thrilling novel explores with warmth and snark a future Delhi… “The City Inside” feels like a lost season of “Black Mirror.”” – Charlie Jane Anders, Best SFF of 2022 list, The Washington Post

“Samit Basu’s latest novel is a masterclass in smart, human-driven science fiction, told with delectable wit and gorgeous, visually-driven prose… Basu’s multilayered New Delhi—an endless onion of caste politics, feckless celebrity shenanigans, guerilla activism, and the unpredictable seethe and roil of its everyday people—is at once chaotic and instantly recognizable.” – Alexis Ong, Tor.com

“…Basu’s extraordinary vision of an urban future that isn’t nearly as remote as we might want it to be, and that is yet the latest example of what seems to be a remarkable period in Indian and South Asian SFF” – Gary K Wolfe, Locus magazine

“This is one darkly plausible near-future dystopia that you won’t want to miss. It’s a vivid cyberpunk book that digs into relatable anxieties about our world and where it’s headed, the overwhelming-ness of it, and the paths to resistance.” – Best SFF of 2022 list, Book Riot

“There’s a chilling effect to Basu’s…near-future sf epic, set in a social media–glutted world…The novel’s theme, that the truth does not and cannot set anyone free, is as disturbing as it is thought-provoking.” – LibraryJournal

“The reader’s immersion into their world is truly felt in the conflicts that follow in trying to find a way to be true to oneself when, as one character sums it all up, “What is the point of this tech if it can’t tell us the truth?”” – Booklist

“Part cyberpunk thriller and part lunatic satire, The City Inside imagines a surveillance-state version of Delhi beset by futuristic traps and wonders, at once claustrophobic and brimming with possibility.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

” As history might prove, the mass uprising of the poor, as envisioned by Indi, rarely affects a sustainable shift in the dynamics of power imbalance, especially against an insidious, all-pervasive system. Basu thus creates a cautionary tale of a possible future, leaving us only with an outline of how to navigate it.” – SFRA Review

Discussed on Book Riot’s SFF Yeah! podcast

Discussion about the City Inside audiobook (narrated by Reena Dutt) on the Narrated podcast

“Samit Basu manages to pack in a ton of great ideas, character development and worldbuilding. It’s also a book that contains a heaping pile of heart, humor and positivity, offering up some much-needed levity in these strange times we are in.” – Fan Fi Addict

“The characters in The City Inside are fascinating, and the action is cerebral and calculating… Yet along with this superficial societal landscape, Basu also has retained a very human, very personal aspect to his story that not only keeps us grounded, but allows us to care” – LitStack

“I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I was getting lost in the world. And the entire themes of cyberpunk and the ethical ramifications – I loved it. How Basu asks us how our value of reality, illusions, and truth change.” – Utopia State of Mind

” The City Inside made me sad in my favorite way to be sad—the way that pushes me to think more and be more present in my life. Samit Basu has a keen mind with a talent for societal observation, wonderful prose, and a fast-paced and direct style of storytelling that doesn’t miss the details but gets right to the point.” – The Quill To Live

“The writing is an absolute treat. It’s dense, in the descriptive and absorbing sense; it’s deeply evocative; and still entirely readable. I enjoyed every minute of the reading even while I was completely horrified by the experiences of the characters.” – Randomalex.net

“The City Inside is a story that shows how ill-prepared the world is for the inequality we live under to reach its conclusion. I found this novel just as unsettling as a good Black Mirror episode for how deeply the author seems to understand where we are as a society.” – Black Nerds Create

“That might actually be one of the sicker realizations of The City Inside, the part where I could see myself living in this world because Basu makes it seem so inevitable.” – GeeklyInc

The City Inside is a must read for everyone interested in adult dystopias as it captures remarkably a current moment and spins a realistic near-future story from here.” – The Middle Shelf

Review by Soham Guha in Kalapbiswa (Bengali)

Chosen Spirits

  • “It infuriates me, then, that a novel as passionate, as angry and a smart as Chosen Spirits has not been published outside of India. We need more books like this, books that speak to the experiences of people living in other parts of the world, books that rail, through the prism of science fiction, against populism, racism and oppression, books that confirm that the problems we face are global, not local.” – Locus
  • “If you’re of Delhi, and writing a novel of Delhi, then it’s kind of impossible to ignore class—as it’s something that hits you in the face every moment that you navigate through the physical and social landscape of the city. I think what I like about Chosen Spirits is the care with which it portrays all of that ” – Strange Horizons
  • “… yes, it is gloomy, but we need science fiction like this. Our world is more interconnected than it has ever been. What happens in India today can easily happen in Europe and North America tomorrow. Indeed, some of it already is.” – Salon Futura
  • “It brings Orwellian dystopia and satire closer home with click-bait headlines that you may have read last week, its vision of technological surveillance is as soul-chilling as it is brilliant; and the violence without being graphic is relentless on your peripheral vision; but it also gives you mostly incorruptible, frequently idealistic, incredibly soft-hearted people, it gives you the kindness of strangers, and it gives you the hope of resistance.” – Scroll.
  • ” Brilliantly written, structurally inventive, completely immersive. ” – K J Charles
  • “Basu’s characters might not be having a good time “in the f***ing middle of it”, but he is certainly having tremendous fun working within the outer limits of what our warped near-future could look like… If Basu revels in the window dressing, his portrayal of the relationships between characters is masterfully sensitive to detail.” – India Today
  • Chosen Spirits, set not far into the future is utterly persuasive in its construction, scathing in its cynicism and is laced with social commentary.” –Open Magazine
  • “a critique about caste, a nuanced portrayal of Delhi’s recent protests against proposed citizenship laws and takes a stunningly horrifying look at our corporate future… Basu’s Chosen Spirits is quite the unicorn, it lies at the intersection of indigenous sci-fi, a scathing examination of contemporary India, and a visual ode to the city of Delhi. ” – BLink.


“Adept plotting keeps… globe-spanning threads spooling smoothly and meticulous blocking gives the dazzling action sequences a cinematic bravura” – Publishers Weekly starred review

“Prepare to have your puny Earth brain blown out of the back of your head as Samit Basu takes the idea of superheroes and turns the dial up to 11” – Ben Aaronovitch

“Fresh, exciting heroics with a serious spine. What’s not to like?” – Nick Harkaway

‘…we’re pretty excited to see a new, worldly take on superheroes.’ – Buzzfeed.

‘A post-modern, comedic, smart romp… Resistance is a thrilling, well-paced, enormously entertaining ride… The book is populated by a large cast of superheroes, written with amazing finesse—Basu’s protagonists, antagonists, and even side characters are engaging when they’re being badass, laugh-out-loud funny when they’re being snarky, and heartbreaking when they’re dying.’  – Strange Horizons

“If there is a better series out there about post-modern superheroics, I have yet to see it.” – Playback:stl

‘ If you have the guts to poke your head out of the comfortable and familiar and try a new, somewhat foreign flavor (“international” would be a better description), you will be richly rewarded. Only look out for falling buildings, animated statues, monsters with poisonous flatulence, and the possibility of at least a third book to come!’ – MuggleNet

‘I can’t recommend this novel enough simply for the engaging plot, but Basu is obviously breaking new ground, especially for American audiences, in uniting international contexts, a diverse array of characters from multiple nations, and the genre of speculative fiction. This novel is certainly one to add to your reading list, or if you’re an instructor, your syllabus!’ – Asian American Lit Fans

‘When I read Turbulence I thought the bar had been set too high for Basu to reach it again. I was wrong. This book is in fact better than Turbulence.’ – Cult Den

“In Resistance, Basu writes the perfect sequel with stronger villains, more dynamic action, and deeper relationships between the characters; who’ve now lived more than a decade in a world of super powered shenanigans. ” – Atomic Moo

“If you’re looking for action and drama, Resistance is it.” – Retrenders

“Japan’s kaiju and giant mechas; superheroes and those who oppose them; global conspiracies and a future earth on the verge of dystopian collapse. Except for the fact that the author brings them all together so brilliantly in a single novel. Plus, anyone who can additionally fold in sly references to Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, while riding roughshod over the Caucasian-centric mould of most tales of the ilk, assuredly gets my vote.” – Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing

Resistance is an action-packed, fun and thrilling superhero story that delves even deeper into the questions of what it is to be a hero and a villain. It’s bigger, funnier and even more self-aware thanTurbulence and offers up plenty of surprises. If you’re not reading this series yet, why not? Don’t make Uzma Tell you to.” – Fantasy Faction

‘You think you know which way the story will go and then it takes you in a completely different direction. Basu has maintained his ability of giving a fresh perspective on the genre, taking familiar tropes and archetypes and turning them upside down and inside out.’ – The Geek Hard show

‘If you haven’t read the first one but are down with non-American supers and women who aren’t just given the short end of the stick, you should definitely read Turbulence (and then Resistance).  If you like superhero stories at all, I suspect you’ll like Basu’s work here.’ – Fistful of Wits.

‘Resistance acts as a love letter to Kaiju, action sequences, pop culture and comic book action heroes.’ – Fangirl Nation/Fanboy Nation

‘Basu manages to characterize many of them very intensely for the amount of space he had to do it. From their powers themselves to their motivations, all the superheroes and super villains were masterfully, and often horrifically or comically crafted.’ – Fortress of Solitude

‘I’m bummed that I’m just now hearing about Samit Basu and that he  doesn’t already have TV shows, movie deals and graphic novels based on Turbulence and Resistance .This is a story I could return to over and over and still get the same amount of enjoyment out of it. I was especially here for the interesting women created. I would love a Tia spin-off.’ – Paper Droids

‘We knew we were going to enjoy this book immediately after reading the very first sentence: “A giant lobster rises slowly out of Tokyo Bay.”’ – Superhero Novels

‘The characters, whether human, hero, and villain, are strong and well-developed. The world they live in is clearly vast, without the details of it seeming too general or too numerous. The tone of the story is the perfect balance of witty, action-packed, self-referential, and strangely real given the premise. If there is a better series out there about post-modern superheroics, I have yet to see it.’ – Playback:stl

‘… a tighter pace, well rounded characters and some really well placed revelations about not only the characters but also their powers…. When all the pieces start to come together, it’s just like watching a master painter working on his next piece of art.’ – Curiosity of a Social Misfit

‘What would it be like if normal humans were suddenly given superpowers? I feel both books deal with this issue in a way that isn’t just humorous, but also realistic. And that’s what makes both books a good read’ – FanGirl Confessions

‘It’s a great read that spans the world and somehow manages to keep things organized and highly entertaining without skipping a beat.’ – City of Films

‘Basu does an excellent job of creating characters that readers can relate with and fully understand on an emotional level. Several of the novel’s characters are originally from Basu’s home country of India, but the story and dialogue between characters is so well written that it easily overcomes any cultural barriers’ – BGG After Dark

‘Altogether Resistance is a great take on modern portrayals of super-powers. While it is a book as opposed to a graphic novel it does not suffer from the lack of images and indeed allows a reader a closer look into the mindset and personalities of the characters.’ – Vada Magazine

“Self-referential humor creates a refreshing metafictional world that paves the way for a well-balanced and entertaining superpowered adventure.” – Foreword

Turbulence (US)

“Turbulence has it all… Solid writing, great character development, humor, personal loss, and excellent points to ponder in every chapter.” – Wired

“What is the best superhero novel of all time?… it’s time to add another book to our list.” – superheronovels.com

“For any superhero fan, Turbulence is a must-read. It’s got everything you’d ask for out of a comic book, packed into a clever, action-packed novel. It’s got a modern edge that puts it in it’s own category of awesome.” – Nerdophiles

” …not only should it be the frontrunner in terms of superhero prose going forward, but it might just be a dark horse candidate for genre novel of the year.” – Fruitless Pursuits

“The writing is superb, the characters feel real… I literally had to shut myself in a room during the finale, it was that riveting.’ – GeekNutz

“If you like superhero stories and are looking for some truly unique powers AND a completely new locale, you MUST read Turbulence. It. Is. That. Good.” – Geek Dad

“The challenges his characters face are not just world domination, warped nationalism, and megalomania, but also realistic concerns like their professional goals and self-doubts. Overall, Turbulence is a clever update to the superhero genre, bringing a realistic upgrade to the 21st century that involves more heart and substance than just adding new costumes and cell phones.” – Mind of the Geek

‘Samit Basu explores not only superhero origins, but where they will go from there, with a spot-on mix of excitement, thoughtfulness, and emotional depth… Basu never misses the mark. And so this book is as highly satisfying as its sequel is eagerly anticipated.’ – Mugglenet/A Fort Made of Books

“It’s funny, smart, touching at times and horrifying at others, and it definitely speaks to the universality of human nature… I loved every minute of it and I think you will too.” – Popcorn Reads

“Its view is unrelentingly lofty, and its tense is an eternal present in which everything seems to be happening at once… Basu’s flair for character extends to a real understanding of what makes each character funny, both intentionally and unintentionally on their part.” – The Geek Girl Project.

‘A strong contender for novel of the year, Samit Basu’s Turbulence races along at lightspeed and leaves you breathlessly demanding more.’ – One Metal

‘Basu’s novel is so engaging because there’s a wonderful mix of action and humor… Truly, a pyrotechnic feat of the superhero-oriented imagination.’ – Asian American Lit Fans

‘Samit Basu offers a superhero story about people who aren’t American (though American superhero comics exist and are referenced), and in which women aren’t automatically relegated to the status of sex-objects.  I really liked it.’ – Fistful of Wits

‘Samit Basu does characterization incredibly well, bonding the reader with the characters as quickly as a television show. His visual descriptions give a focused picture of the action, with the reader filling in the small details to complete the characters.’ – Fanboy Nation

“What’s amazing about Turbulence is that while it does a great job of paying proper homage to the many superhero stories from comics’ past, it also presents a story that feels very unique and original.” – The Geek Hard Show 

“…Basu’s light touch is also deceptive; the writing here is often very good, and the super-powers — like that of the multiplying (and then reintegrating) Tia — consistently well-presented. Impressive, too, is how well he realizes his characters in just short descriptions and snappy dialogue.” – The Complete Review

“Well-rounded characters, a gripping plot, rippling with great writing.” – Popculture-y

“I’ve felt like Turbulence is a perfect sibling to Misfits, another great take on the superheroes genre, and as such I would recommend it to anyone looking for a original superheroes tale with a bit of a twist.” – upcoming4.me

‘That action – which isn’t always physical or literal – makes the book really exciting.  There were times I had trouble putting it down to go to bed.’ – With An Accent

Turbulence covers it all: action, romance, politics and moral dilemmas.  And it will definitely leave you wanting more.’ – Fangirl Confessions

‘There’s a Superman, and he’s Indian! As much as that hurts my red, white, and blue (American!) pride to write, it does actually make for one hell of a good story.’ – Atomic Moo

“Set in a raucous India and packed with strange characters, Turbulence promises an exciting, unusual read.” – Book Riot

“Basu doesn’t simply take Turbulence to comic book places as it reads and feels like a novel throughout. However, if you’re a fan of comics, this book would certainly still quench your literary thirst.” – Immersion Online

” …between his plot/story-scaffolding, his descriptive action sequences and a high-octane ending, Mr. Basu will leave no comic book fan wanting.” – The Pull Box

“Basu blends tongue-in-cheek humor with philosophical questions about what obligations (if any) people would have if suddenly blessed with super powers… The book is a treasure trove of funny moments and one-liners.” – The Los Angeles Beat

“There is a lot of humor here as well as heart; it’s a great character study… The characters are very likable and Samit cleverly addresses many loopholes in typical superhero plots. I really enjoyed this from start to finish, clever, funny, witty and a great read.” – City of Films

“Samit Basu has written a rare beast among spec-fic books – a book that’s both about something important, and a good story on its own merits.” – Dorkadia

“What makes Turbulence such ideal holiday reading is author Basu’s brisk-paced writing style as well as the novel’s Indian setting and characters…” – Scifi Movie Hype

“It’s a funny book, reminds me of Neil Gaiman at his wittiest in some ways, but it’s also sad, joyful, angry, tense… the characters are engaging, and the action is skillfully executed.” – westeros.org

Here’s a video review from Geek Mundo

“Writer Samit Basu has found a great balance of humor and seriousness in Turbulence, but most of all it’s just a fun superhero novel to read and questions to ponder yourself when done reading.” – Retrenders

Turbulence is covered in a very entertaining comics webcast on Investcomics. It’s on from minute 31 or so but do watch the whole thing.

“All-in-all, Turbulence is sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes bizarre, but always compelling and definitely worth a read. You won’t want to put this book down.” – Fanboy Comics

“…if Samit Basu is any indication of the quality of writers on the Subcontinent, then look out world, because we’ve been missing some real talent.” – NerdTrek

“Turbulence took me completely by surprise. Samit Basu doesn’t need a brand new idea to tell a gripping story. It’s clever, full of jokes, brutal action, personal loss, and hearty characters. To say the least, there’s never a boring moment.” – Nerdophiles

Turbulence balances itself between many things: super hero deconstruction, large scale widescreen blockbuster action pieces, and interpersonal relationship dramatics… a perfectly balanced soup of super hero derring-do lifted from the pages of a comic book and played out brilliantly through the prose of a novel.” – Part Time Fanboy

” …it’s one of the most charming, playful, smart and socially aware SFF books out there… unites a fiercely political interrogation of his source materials with an unabashed delight in his affection for those tropes and themes.” – Strange Horizons

“Where Samit Basu shines is knowing how to take these powers and warp them to fit his twisted and lovely book.” – Geek News Network:

“Not only is Turbulence a hella fun story, it’s also a love letter to superhero stories.  I really can’t say enough good things about this novel.” – The Little Red Reviewer

Turbulence (UK)

“The characters are brilliantly written… With a globe-trotting sensibility even James Bond would be proud of, the cinematic action sequences are as breath-taking as anything Hollywood has to offer, so the campaign for a big-screen version, or failing that, at least a sequel to the book begins here!” – IGN

“… a thoughtful exploration of the blurry difference between heroes and villains. Ethical questions are deftly scrutinised in a depth that a comic book or film would struggle to match.” – The Sun

“… inventive and very clever. But most of all, it is fun. If you have ever picked up a comic book and enjoyed it, then this is a must-buy.” – Starburst

“Turbulence is an excellent book, a thoughtful read that throws out questions without any easy answers, that opens up the superhero genre to deeper analysis, and yet is also an incredibly enjoyable superhero story itself.” – Fantasy Faction

“Samit Basu’s Turbulence is one of the best I’ve read, intelligent, action-packed, well characterised and with the added interest of setting the story in India: the book has a very fresh feel and avoids the clichés.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Turbulence is a new breed of superhero novel and likely to appeal to both classic hero fans as well as fans of contemporary fiction…This is one of those rare superhero stories that is not overshadowed by the powers but is told in the humanity that pulls the superhuman together.” – Geek Native

“He is the country’s preeminent fantasist… Turbulence delivers exactly what it intends: an entertaining, well-written read. In the genre’s history it will be seen as an important work, a reflection of the subcontinent’s growing self-confidence.” – Anil Menon, World SF

“As unpretentious as it’s entertaining, as compelling as it’s thought-provoking, it not only establishes once and for all that the novel is as much a home for the superhero tale as film, tv and comics… it’s not just an astute and captivating read, but an important one too.” – TBTAMC

“Basu knows his stuff… he conjures up a vast array of imaginative powers… unflinchingly depicts the costly consequences…” – SFX

“If you’re looking for brilliantly written, fun and fast paced action that leaves you wanting more, this is definitely it. One word of warning though, you may ignore your loved ones completely until you’ve finished it.” – The Tattooed Book.

” … the best fantasy writer you’ve never heard of… looks set to redefine the superhero genre for the twenty-first century.” – Reader Dad

“Turbulence is very deliberately of its time, and it works very well as a slice of early 21st century life. Any story looking at superheroes will reflect back what we as a society revere and amplify, the signals sent out about the qualities we seek in our idealised selves” – British Fantasy Society.

“It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s intelligently witty, it’s great…. I found it difficult to put down. Loved, loved, LOVED it.” – SFFWorld.com, Mark Yon.

“The action is fast and full of iconic fight scenes… The humour and cultural references are fun and spot on… ” – Geek Syndicate

” …his comic timing especially with his characters is quite excellent… Basu has definitely got his own flair for the extraordinary” – Pissed Off Geek

“You can see the novel as a film from the word go and I’ve never read a book like that before. I’d love this to be made in to a film actually for my imaginings to become reality.”- BookGeek

Turbulence (India)



Deccan Herald

Outlook magazine

Times of India


Hindustan Times

Mumbai Boss


Helter Skelter

The Simoqin Prophecies

“I haven’t seen this so well pulled off since Terry Pratchett, the master.” – KJ Charles 

The Manticore’s Secret

The Unwaba Revelations

Terror on the Titanic

Bangalore Mirror






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