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Parochial times

In the media, everyone’s from Cal, says Jug SuraiyaHmm…looking at my four jobs…my editor at Penguin is from Cal, as is the Indiatimes boss, as is my translator for GICS, and lets not even start on the Telegraph column. And none of this – except the Telegraph column, obviously – is by design. Its clearly … Continue reading

OK, this is slightly spooky

Just as I typed the last post, knock on the door; my Swedish translation arrived. It looks really cool; the cover has Steel-bunz snapping the spine of one of the skeleton tomb guardians. Fate or coincidence? Or..ahem…prophecy?

Why we need human translators

Ran a couple of paragraphs off Swedish pages through an online translator and found: Simoqins prophecies ( clip , 428 variant Ordbilder Sheepish , art.nr: 16719) Price : 129: In an shine in an forest am standing a stale statue. Wide the statue had three generation of prince behead. But this gangway happens somewhat other. … Continue reading

Horns, dilemmas, etc

Devil me on left shoulder: Chuck it all. Again. Go write another bookMe: No. I like not being broke. And you look ridiculous in a red bodysuit, by the way.D.m.o.l.s: Come on. You know you want toMe: Shut up. I like all the stuff I’m doingD.m.etc: Really?Me: Go awayAngel me on right shoulder: Well done. … Continue reading


Basically I’m a Jedi

You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside … Continue reading

Meme in the momorning

Total Number of Books I Own: 280 in Delhi, many more in Cal. Have no idea how many, we have a fairly large family library at home…but are those books I own? Anyway, the Delhi number is constrained by the space I have to keep books (minimal) Last Book I Bought: Am on a fantasy … Continue reading

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Youth

Dr. Borphitz, the walrus-moustached Stalin-look-alike Austrian psychiatrist inside my head, leaned forward with an intrigued expression.‘Vot are ze zymptoms?’ he asked.‘Ambition. Discontent. Boredom. Restlessness,’ I replied. ‘Sleeplessness. Daydreams. Occasional compulsive indulgence in addictive substances. Intense, inexplicable attraction to nearest available young woman. Much pontification on the lines of “What does it all mean?” and “Where … Continue reading

The TOI Saratchandra article

As Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Sanjay Dutt-Saif Khan starrer Parineeta rolls into our lives with yet another sprawling array of lavish sets, period costumes and haunting melodies, a large chunk of our nation’s devoted movie-watching public will be reading the credits and wondering, once again, ‘Based on the novel by Sarat who?’But Indian audiences down the … Continue reading

Cover version

Good news from Penguin; Simoqin is being rejacketed, and the Manticore cover will be in the same design. Which means I have to dig up my original list of cover ideas, work on it a little, and send them my suggestions. If you have any blindingly good ideas for the cover, now is the time … Continue reading

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