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In memory of all those rigged quizzes…

Great Bong has a fabulous post on the Great Parnab Mukherjee, which rekindled fond memories of very entertaining chats in the Don Bosco auditorium, and not-so-fond memories of those made-up questions. Parnab’s doing very well now, quizzes, theatre, and has even written a book. But I guess you can’t fool all of the people all … Continue reading


Just got back from the DD News studio, where I was part of a panel discussion (heh) called Chandamama se Hairy Potar. Other panelist: Samrat Chowdhury of HT, resplendent in bright orange kurta. First of all, the DD people refused to believe I was a writer – they actually went around the lobby asking people … Continue reading

Manticore update

The proofs are here; will be working on those for the next three weeks.

Pics as promised

Here are some of Sarnath’s pictures. There are more, but I got tired of uploading…:)


of the highest order to Trina, old friend and sparring partner, whos won Best Actress in the Indian category at Cinefan.

Community, etc.

A DVD-retrieval trip to Sarnath’s led to a dinner invite, so Stoob and I trooped happily through the mud of Pocket 40 to the bijou Banerjee residence, where India’s first graphic novelist forcefed Stoob Horlicks (this was because Stoob was allegedly ill, and Ovaltine was not available). We were talking about forthcoming projects and so … Continue reading

On the bright side

In the last few days, Ive reread The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman Year One and Scott McCloud, and read three Sin City books: The Big Fat Kill, A Dame to Kill for, and the initial sequence starring Marv. Reading Moore’s From Hell now. Update: The rest of Sin City, V for Vendetta, Mr. Punch, … Continue reading

That sinking feeling

Theres a dull, hollow pain in my left ventricle. I am tense, jumpy, hairtrigger irritable. And this is because bloody Sarnath Banerjee, using his peerless scamster/schmoozer skills, somehow convinced me to lend him my Monty Python DVDs. Strongly suspect I will call him once every five minutes today to find out how they are. Note: … Continue reading

Rana in Tehelka

Have you read Rana’s article in Tehelka (link via Kitabkhana)? If not, you really should – its quite wonderful, and Im an even bigger fan of his now.Theres just so much to identify with…Im sure he speaks for a whole lot of writers. He certainly speaks for me. About a lot of things Im very … Continue reading

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