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The Duck Survives

First I was afraidI was petrifiedKept thinking that my blog was lost,My blog had diedBut then I opened up my templateAnd I saw something was wrongI grew strongI learned how to carry onHTML?Oh what the hellI just opened up some cachesAnd then something rung a bellAnd though it was well past midnightThere was no need … Continue reading

Posting in darkness

My blog has disappeared again 😦


Will be acting again. Roped into cast of English sitcom as last-minute replacement; final rehearsals today and shooting this week. Which means I now have to start learning lines and all of that. Will be interesting acting again – will probably goof up in a number of innovative ways, but chose to take it up, … Continue reading

Eeeya-ei! Who me?

Never really liked Mad TV when i first saw it…but now, having to watch the monstrosity that is GICS on a regular basis, Ive come to like all other comedy shows. This is my favourite Mad TV skit Behind the Scenes: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Movie (#609) Arnold/Main character – Will SassoClone 1 – Will SassoClone … Continue reading

Indian bloggers shoot the moon

…from PrufrockTwo

Star Wars: Tehelka

In The Empire Strikes Back, the most memorable of the six Star Wars films, Darth Vader, cinema’s most famous metalhead, utters the series’ only memorable line – ‘I am your father.’ After Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith broke all US box office records – again – by collecting $158.5 million in its … Continue reading

Chalo, Robin!

I hate programmes dubbed in Hindi. And I hate the fact that cable operators in CR Park have chosen to give us Cartoon Network and Pogo in Hindi, thus depriving me of the few watchable things on TV. But yesterday I was watching the 60s Batman TV show, dubbed, and I have to say that … Continue reading

Juvenal delinquent

Finally found and finished Alan Moore’s Watchmen, which was as mind-blowing as I expected it to be. Had read about 3-4th of the book in 2003. Bitterly regretted leaving London without finishing it, but the last few months were just so hectic I couldnt even step into a bookstore.Anyway. Also read, well, speed-read Septimus Heap … Continue reading

Sin City

Saw it yesterday; mixed feelings. It’s endlessly compelling, and every frame is beautiful to look at. Extremely cool, often brilliant, often darkly funny. Innovative, tough cinema, constantly surprising, constantly jarring and completely relentless. But while I dont mind endless killing sprees – I loved Kill Bill – in Basin City the violence was just a … Continue reading

Return of the Stoob

The mighty Stoob is back, after having lain waste to Calcutta over the last two weeks. The broken hearts of Sananda Tilottamas now litter the streets of Cal – we raised a toast and a fork laden with Crispy Chilli Potatoes to them, and to our mad landlord, our madder cleaning lady, the flashing-dancing girl … Continue reading

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