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Gemmell deconstructed

Druss – spelt backwards – is Ssurd.


In the next few days, am supposed to deliver 15 more scripts for the English sitcom, the usual quota for GICS, the column, and work out initial storyline for the comics project. Why, then, am I now doing a Tehelka article, which Im supposed to deliver in two hours?Because I can buy stuff with the … Continue reading

Its an ad, ad, ad world

Generally too blah to post properly nowadays, but thought this deserved an entry. Met this advertising honcho the other day. Smart, suave, shark-like, the works. ‘I’ve got an idea for a really great ad,’ he says. ‘I’ve been working on it for four years now.’. ‘Pray tell me,’ say I, ‘I’m all agog.’. ‘I haven’t … Continue reading

The Duck Abides

Saw it again, loved it again. Hate it when Steve Buscemi dies, but then, like they say, theres a little Lebowski on the way, so… According to the “Which Big Lebowski character are you?” quiz: Why don’t you check it out? Or we cut off your Johnson!

12 crazy weatherman

…thats just what im writing scripts today. going further with the blog-as-noticeboard thing ive been doing for the last few days, i need actresses. not for myself, you understand, but for the sitcom. so if you know any good actresses, between 21 and 25, capable of playing a really smart girl, lead character in an … Continue reading

If only…

…I could get this team of actors together again. Would solve so many problems L-R Gam the monster, me (in my father’s old specs) doing the Boscobeat rap, Broto the love-crazy lama, Devraj the Man of Steel, ‘Chico’ Hazra and Stoob midway through his contortionist routine


first three episodes (pilot) now edited, after a long days work at a New Friends Colony studio. Was itching to run the editing setup myself, but even backseat driving is great fun. it looks good. could be much better, but looks good. my blog was down for some mysterious reason yesterday morning, but seems to … Continue reading

Ave Maria

A huge welcome to the most glamorous new reader of this blog worldwide (in the picture below, next to the neanderthal in blue)  


Hadnt directed actors on camera before; was great fun, though very hard work. am not the director, but was very involved in the whole direction process today, finally putting some of that UK training to use. gruelling shoot, lasted all day, and the actors had improved drastically by the end. editing is tomorrow, will go … Continue reading

Found in Translation

Unable to cope with the pressure of having to deliver in Hindi, I have actually gone and got myself a translator, and a completely fabulous one. First time Im paying someone to do something like this, and thats exciting in its own way. Have celebrated the relief by watching Woody Allen’s Take the money and … Continue reading

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