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Kick-ass Bongs Nos. 1 and 2

Koushik, supersleuth Bantul the Great

Tod, Shekhar, tod!

Saw Parineeta, which is an OK-type film except for the ending – never before have I seen a period film where the climax is whacked from a cement ad. Saif Khan attacks a brick wall with a variety of lawn ornaments, while wedding guests, family and cheerful retainers egg him on with word and gesture, … Continue reading


slow meme from Bridalbeer. Who says A delayed confession:- And, Pass it on to just one other blogger Given that all she’s given us is that she’s never read Ayn Rand (I havent either. Ditto for Paulo Coelho) I dont feel the need to break any drastic wind, but here goes. I get a lot … Continue reading

Caption this

This is from the marginalien’s recent cartoon, where the jabberwock drools over suki, but ive seen this expression on jai’s face sometimes. So caption this: What has the Jabberwock just heard?

Not the right time

to approach anyone for a film deal, methinks. Writers and filmmakers havent been getting on too well. There was the whole Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanting to beat up Suketu Mehta thing some time back, and now Ashok Banker thinks Mahesh Bhatt was his long-lost sibling’s daddy.


So hot. Too hot to do anything, especially work. Frequent reminders of how friends in Bombay and Cal are enjoying the monsoons dont help either. Need to move, I think. This flat is killing me slowly.

Another weekemd whizzed by

faster than Adams’ deadlines. Stuff that happened: Missed various deadlines for GICS. Wonder if they still want me to work for them, given the drastic drop in interest on both sides. Got coated with makeup (apparently I have good skin) and sat under lights for hours shooting for the sitcom. Didnt forget my lines, which … Continue reading

Batman begins

They spent some 100 million dollars promoting it, so further plugs from me would be somewhat superfluous.Its brilliant. Easily the best Batman movie, trotting home miles ahead of the rest.Go watch it. Now.


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