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OK, since the buchu has gone and done it, i must follow… Things that happened to me in 2004 1. Got Simoqin out finally, after much caterwauling. Mad few months followed; the joy of that first good review, the seeting rage at the first patronizing one. Learning how to smile for photoshoots for city supplements. … Continue reading

Daily account

Number of articles delivered to newspaper:1 Number of hungry former colleagues fed instant noodles and sliced frozen sausages:1 Number of noserings said hungry former colleague had inadvertently inhaled:1 Number of charming, attractive, intelligent, erudite, single, YOUNGER women had dinner with:1 Number of books on etiquette read:1 Number of aforesaid CAIESY women had d. with who … Continue reading

Party, animal

Just answered the following questions for Today newspaper 1) What is your favourite party outfit? 2) What is your party no-no? 3) Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met at a party? I am filled with joy, because no one has ever asked me these questions before. Unfortunately, the only reason i got … Continue reading

On Star Signs

You are 87% Sagittarius How much do you match your zodiac sign?


Should post about The Incredibles here, I guess, since its the whole cartoon/superhero/fantasy by extension thing. leading twin bloglives is quite difficult…its basically cheating, and you can never really be two different people in two relationships… have been reading the compulsive confessor, as you can tell from the last paragraph. anyhoo, after watching the incredibles, … Continue reading

oh no

was supposed to finish another thing today


finished it, thank god. will paste the first bit. From Legends of the Bengali Traveller: Part Four (2004, Banamali Naskar Publications) 10th November, 1871. A hill outside Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika, deepest Africa. Famous scholar-explorer Henry Morton Stanley enters a tent, where he meets a dapper gentleman sipping tea and reading The Statesman. ‘Dr. Livingstone, … Continue reading


I have nothing to blog about.

Not sure if this is funny…

but it looks like Puri is going to be my Waterloo.

Puri tan

So,heres the thing – i have to write about puri today. so heres some stuff from the official website – Puri being a coastal district of Orissa , is famous for its Historic antiquities ,Religious sanctuaries , Architectural Grandeur , Sea-scape beauty,moderate climate.It holds a wealth of attraction for the visitors. It boasts of a … Continue reading

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