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OK, since the buchu has gone and done it, i must follow…

Things that happened to me in 2004

1. Got Simoqin out finally, after much caterwauling. Mad few months followed; the joy of that first good review, the seeting rage at the first patronizing one. Learning how to smile for photoshoots for city supplements. getting interviewed, making friends. book readings in different cities, the utterly superficial yet strangely deep joy of being accosted by strangers (in a good way, that is). the yells of triumph from the mouths of septuagenerian aunts when i first made the bestseller lists. gloat, etc. meeting authors who, for the first time, were ‘other’ authors. meeting many mad and wonderful people in ‘literary circles’. first royalty cheque. fun. but facing facts, have no particular reason for back-patting. still no agent after two got me nowhere, no uk/us book deal. fun, yes, actual achievement, not much. sigh.

2. Wrote Manticore. Whew. Four month hermitlike stint in Cal is a pretty big ask, but strangely addictive. Im going to do it again, i just know it.

3. Quit two really nice jobs, decided to put off joining another for as long as i can. made great friends in both offices, wrote inane articles. formed bond with journalism that i suspect will carry on for very long time, given my taste for the truly bizarre, and had a great deal of fun finding out how the media functions, bonding with c-grade celebrities and other assorted lunatics, bewildering PRchicks, and generally beginning to cultivate that aura of eccentricity that will be so invaluable later. one day i will learn to effectively conceal the fact that i am completely normal.

4. Wrote 3 other short stories, will be coming out next year. love writing shorts, but theres even less of a market than for novels. what joy. still, discovered the great joy of writing for kids, and will do more of that as soon as i can.

5. closure. dealing with loss. getting rid of excess baggage. making new and wonderful friends. new, strange relationships.

6. blogged. made new friends, made new enemies, was never bored for an instant. blogged anonymously, brought out inner beasts.

7. read. finally. new books, new interests, new ideas. more movies too. bless time.

8. started writing travel pieces. good, good.

9. taught at iim! ha! ha! ha!

10. became the first person who doesnt drive to be the host on a driving show. bless top drive getaway and 4am interviews.

11. there was some other stuff, but ive forgotten, anyway i have a top 10 so its ok.

and since its the 23rd, and i have a week to re-edit my book, can safely say i wont be doing anything else this year.


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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


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  1. What about 2005?

    Posted by Jayantika Ganguly | January 17, 2006, 9:41 am

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