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Tsunami help

Anyone who reads this blog will also be reading other blogs where this is linked to..but thats no reason not to link to it here. The SEA-EAT blog

Is Ani gay?

No, he claims, in a post that made me laugh my guts out. While on the theme, here’s something that should please my publishers – a true story about gay penguins.

Now what?

Submitted Manticore. Yay etc. Coming out late next year. Awww etc. Also, in the space of an hour last evening, wrote and sent poem for kiddies bedtime collection, the first six thingies of which i will post here: Midnight. I was fast asleep and was dreaming Of flying in night skies, my eyes bright and … Continue reading

Tis the season to be Jolie

And if you think thats irrelevant, heres BillyBob Thornton as Bad Santa Yeah. Merry Christmas and all that. Just sent the ape-joke crew the following Great Ape Joke: What do you call a great ape who was formerly employed in the face-disguising industry? XMasKingKong

My favourite Christmas carol

Jisho porom doyalu Tahar kripay dari gojay Bhalluke khay shakalu

Enter the wombats

SMS Conversation from yesterday: Today reporter: Final dumb question i promise. What is your pre party ritual? Me: Tantric sex with wombats Today reporter: Fine will print that. and tomorrow everyone will know of your marpusial fetish Me: Its marsupial. Their names are pinky and sweetie We spoke later, and i told her more about … Continue reading

Just found this: wrote it in july or something

On pakistani fiction in india: Outlook, as far as i remember, never printed it Kamila Shamsie’s first novel In the City by The Sea (1998) announced the arrival of a new generation of Pakistani authors in English. Writers like Shamsie, who’s also written Salt and Saffron (2002) and Kartography (2004), Mohsin Hamid, author of the … Continue reading


Robert Heinlein wrote you – your stranger in astrange land, you. Which Author’s Fiction are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Alas, sweet Concorde!

Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who! What Monty Python Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

from the Presi archives

Bitter Rain – by Rahul> It was raining cats and dogs out side. I, Rahul, woke>up and pushed the talking button of my American>talking table clock. “ It’s seven thirty a.m. and the>temperature is eighty degree farenhite”. I jumped up>from my bed and ran to the bathroom. Suddenly the door>bell rang. “ Wait a minute … Continue reading

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