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Sturrrrrike One.

Have been asked to be part of a panel discussion on bandhs in Calcutta two days from now. at crossword bookstore. This is brilliant. There will be Page 3 types among those present. June Maliah and so forth. Apparently there have been bandhs in the recent past. Apparently those who leave their houses and go … Continue reading

The Manticore’s Secret

has emerged, squealing and kicking, into the world. It has to be washed, cleaned up and made presentable, but at least it’s out…now I can go into the post-pregnancy therapy thing.

Spare the children

Just remembered Im also supposed to write a story for Puffin kids anthology by the 10th. Splat! goes my brain on the microwave door.


Thats what my brain is, not from all that high-octane intellectual entertainment but from trying to write my final chapter. am some 5500 words into it, and it refuses to sort itself out. have tried to nudge it into activity with the following. 1) repeated viewing of the slaughter of the crazy 88s from kill … Continue reading

The IQfest continues…

Just saw Dhoom. Made me realize ive watched a lot of action movies…can identify the source of nearly every shot. of course, dhoom is a movie i relate to deeply from my personal biking experience. yes, you didnt know it, but im a speed racer. most memorable bike-related incidents. 1. in control of bike as … Continue reading

So, having gained momentum

Did I carry on and write a super final chapter? No, I lazed around and watched high-octane intellectual TV. 1) The Miss World prelims, where girls from 107 countries lazed around in bikinis, talked about how they would make a difference, and then urged the viewer to vote for them. My favourite vote-for-me line was … Continue reading

Five point palm exploding keyboard technique

So, I watched KB2 again, sat down in front of that ol’ computer, said ‘you and i have unfinished business.’ ‘baby,’ said the computer, ‘you aint kidding.’ so i wrote another chapter.

The final cut

So, three blocks of text to go, and how do i spend my day? most productively. watched shark tale and kill bill vol 2. shark tale is fun, though not great. dont watch if you dont like will smith. angelina jolie is really attractive even as a fish but my favourite cartoon heartstopper (movie, lets … Continue reading

The author-publisher equation as a comic-book cover


…from the Babe series

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