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You are BERTIE WOOSTER! You’re a bit of a git–but you are tremendously funin every circ. And if there’s anyone out therewho objects to a bit of fun–well, let him biffoff. Which Wooster and Jeeves Character Are You? brought to you by Quizilla You Are: Dream of the Endless You are Dream, the shaper of … Continue reading

Bhai Eej Tha Taitel Tokiyo Canshel?

asked a formidable old gentleman in the back row, prompting mr. r. joshi to reveal that THIS was how he’d spent his mammoth advance and subsequent earnings from subsequent income-earning activities; he pays people to go and ask bad questions at launches. for an explain-the-title he pays 400 bucks, for a merely bizarre question involving … Continue reading

And I became…

You are He-Man from Masters of the Universe! Youtake life very seriously, and you should,considering you are the keeper of all that isgood and right in the universe! However, yournonstop suspicion of Skeletor and his henchmancan start your friends wondering why you don’tloosen up once in awhile. Which Forgotten 80s Cartoon Character Are You? brought … Continue reading


was the number of ad people in my house at 2am on Republic Day – i suspect i was the only one feeling even mildly patriotic. hilarious time, though – all 26 told me how they were following their dreams, and one asked me if i did my own creatives when i wrote. when i … Continue reading


You are Dogbert. You are Dilbert’s dog, but he’s your bitch. Youplay him around like a puppy. You considerhumans to be inferior and habor plans to takeover the world and enslave them. Which Dilbert character are you ? brought to you by Quizilla

Red Herd

Chatting with a friend who works in advertising in Bombay and handles the Red Bull account. energy drinks, or whatever. Suddenly remembered seeing ads on Bangladesh TV for a Danish brand called Red Cow. Powdered milk and other dairy products, I think, though all i really remember is the cows face, and the nice moo … Continue reading

I’m very clean

as clean as Paul’s grandfather in A Hard Days Night. Not to imply that I’m dirty at times when I’m not blogging about being very clean. I’m always clean. Sometimes, like now, I am very clean. I’m also very hungry.

My weekend

with Samit Basu, author Bought more films – best pick was landmark anime film Akira, though Cinema Paradiso is always a good acquisition. Watched more Woody Allens, Bananas very tasty, also ate at Andhra Bhavan. This was Saturday lunch, and Im still full. Up all night Saturday night talking, laughing hysterically at remembered tales of … Continue reading

More on BB

Sigh. Now i feel like an elderly Bong mashima. Have decided to believe in Bridalbeer-on-web and not search any further for Bridalbeer-in-life; finding out things is always disappointing. never underestimate the power of the Bong network, though; it took my evil henchmen only an hour or so to come up with a shortlist of who … Continue reading

Wedding belle

Sepia Mutiny links to this blog, BridalBeer, allegedly written by a 26-year-old girl from Calcutta who’s about to be trapped in an arranged marriage, and is looking back with great wit and fondness upon her days as young woman in love in free, liberal, urban, sophisticated New York, so unlike conservative, intrusive, backward, etc India. … Continue reading

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