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Locus magazine review

This doesnt say very much, but its my first foreign review, and my first SF-magazine review, so thought I’d post it. Thanks Ani for sending me the scan. This is Simoqin reviewed in Locus magazine, Aug 05 issue.

Calward bound

Will be in Cal and reasonably free from the 17th to the 24th, so kindly readjust your lives, people:)


In my inbox today.. would you please help me out here…. well um my best friend, she has kind of become obsessive about kirin after her third reading of the book, so much so that she’s probably going 2 want 2 marry sum1 “soooooooo coooool!!!” as him!! she’s even in love with the name kirin … Continue reading

Calling all Indian literary types

Read this article by William Dalrymple in the Guardian. And then please write killer books, win the Booker and prove him wrong. And hurry. I promise to buy you coffee or something afterwards. Also, Nadeem Aslam is Pakistani, yes.

Jabberwock, love god

Scene: The Jabberwock’s bedroom. Midnight. Satin sheets, soft music etc Jabberwock (amorously): Hey. Want to see my caduceus? Sultry siren: Not tonight, darling. I’m feeling a tad atrabilious.

Sorry, Bridget

We dont care about you any more. We have the Compulsive Confessor now.

Hey single desi

are you getting some action? ask-raps Sagnik Nandy

NDTV blogging story

So, if you were watching NDTV at about 955 last evening, you would have seen: -An introduction to a piece about new-age astrologers with laptops -immediately followed, surprise, by the blogging story, which consisted of – – lots of cutaways of my room, my posters and my books – two incoherent quotes from me (taken … Continue reading

Roundabout: A Delhi fable

Appeared in Outlook’s new city magazine, City Limits, available today: Once upon a time in the not so distant future, there lives a man named Arkesh ‘Jazzy’ Arora. Arkesh is a prince of the city of djinns. He owns a large water-power-food conglomerate, several suburban shopping malls, two riverbed-side five-star hotels, four thriving slums and … Continue reading

Caught in the act

I am, even as I blog, being photographed by an NDTV team. This is truly bizarre. I cant move my head, or look at the keyboard. I think Im doing pretty good.

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