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That sinking feeling

Theres a dull, hollow pain in my left ventricle. I am tense, jumpy, hairtrigger irritable. And this is because bloody Sarnath Banerjee, using his peerless scamster/schmoozer skills, somehow convinced me to lend him my Monty Python DVDs. Strongly suspect I will call him once every five minutes today to find out how they are. Note: … Continue reading

Rana in Tehelka

Have you read Rana’s article in Tehelka (link via Kitabkhana)? If not, you really should – its quite wonderful, and Im an even bigger fan of his now.Theres just so much to identify with…Im sure he speaks for a whole lot of writers. He certainly speaks for me. About a lot of things Im very … Continue reading

Shaun of the Dead

Truly wonderful movie, witty, romantic, touching, even scary, combining the off-beat humour of The Office with gently moaning, flesh-chomping zombies straight out of movies like Dawn of the Dead/Night of the Living Dead. Everyman heroes, tea, cricket bats, a world where the solution to everything, even Judgment Day, is going down to the pub for … Continue reading

Batman anthology

Went to a Gurgaon mall for the first time in my life yesterday; most exciting. Watched fat aunties and their fat kids eating fattening food, and bought this book which is a collection of the first 10-11 Batman comics. Excellent stuff, full of old-world charm. Batman (The Bat-man, I mean) kills people and fights off … Continue reading

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