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Not just Sir Lancelot

Sayoni (my sister, that is) sent in her Monty Python and the Holy Grail test results – she’s a french guard, you silly person! which brought on the following monty test orgy – You are the Spanish Inquisition sketch! Nobodyexpects you! Which Monty Python’s Flying Circus Sketch are You? brought to you by Quizilla Pontius … Continue reading


Beskrivning: -Ljus!

Någon hällde en spann vatten på alokaktusen. Den hoptorkade växten började svälla upp och skina med ett milt ljus som snart växte till ett bländande vitt sken som lyste upp den stora, unkna grottan. Den sken på de fuktiga, blodstänkta väggarna, och på klippblocken bakom vilka smådjävlarna hukade sig. Den lyste upp den vackre unge … Continue reading

I’m Forrest, Forrest Gu…ump

If i werent terminally lazy, this is when i would get up, pay the fat cybercafe woman, beat the loud man on the STD phone to a fine jelly and start running. id run and run and run until i reached the pakistan border and they shot at me, and then id turn around and … Continue reading

This is one of those key moments

I feel it Inspiration is about to strike. Please be quiet for a minute. Nope, not yet. Maybe later

Its somebodys birthday today

But I dont remember whose. thinking of sending out bulk greetings, but its probably not a good idea. Happy birthday, in case youre reading this and its your birthday. Youre really special to me, and i hope you know that.

How to make a writer feel special

1. Invite him to write a short story for an anthology, thus making him feel warm and fuzzy and part of the literary elite. Do, however, let him know of the need to submit the story by the given deadline, because the industry, as we all know, moves at a hurricane pace. 2. When the … Continue reading

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