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Happy 1413

Its not quite 1602, but its almost there. Shubho nababorsho to you, if you’re still hanging out at this sadly unfashionable corner of the blogosphere. Look, I got my blog new clothes and everything.

I still is

Thanks everyone who asked – yes, I am alive, well, still at large in Delhi. Trying very hard to meet a suddenly staggering workload, which is very difficult if you’ve done no work in the last three months. But the HT column should be back soon, have short stories to write for about five anthologies, … Continue reading

Sprang the trappist

Yes, I know, prolonged silence yet again. In Cal now, have been for the last five days, leaving for Delhi in a couple of hours. Broto got married. So did Debanjana. Was there with video camera to capture key moments. Much fun. Might be moving to Bangalore in a few days. Yeah. More later.

Return of service

Yeah, I havent blogged for ages. Been travelling, been ill, been staring at blank screens and so on. Also been reading a fair bit – finally did Transmetropolitan, Alan Moore’s Swamp thing, a few others. Still waiting – for big work breaks, life-alterting phone calls, genies in bottles and so on. The unread Bloglines links … Continue reading


Hermits sometimes hear news before other people do. So here are some future books-page items related to Indian blogging: Leading online journalist signed up by leading publisher to write book about phenomenon of Indian blogging, and leading Indian blogger shortly to be signed up by leading publisher to write fiction version of leading blog. Cheers … Continue reading


Have gone into uber-grump hermit mode again, as have started work on book 3; I leap and snap at small sounds and walk around flat muttering. blogging will be increasingly sporadic until anti-social phase passes; comments have also been disabled for the time being, but will be back once i start posting regularly again. Still … Continue reading


How mind-numbingly scary it is when the net is down. It’s finally back, thank the gods. The cable internet people got tired of me calling every few minutes. Well, it took them seven hours to haul ass, so I guess we were pretty even. While I was waiting, finished a book, watched Fantastic Four (nice … Continue reading

Back in Delhi

hot and uncomfortable. Reread Dona Tartts The Secret History on the way. Met the sister and the Paul, who are moving back. Ate momos. And watched A Fish Called Wanda again. And downloaded Google Talk – sound on calls is amazing, but dont have a mike, so cant talk back. Wrestling with research for a … Continue reading


Have been meaning to put up my desktop background on this blog for a while now. This is from Beatiful Stuff

Why start another blog?

All, right, so its doomed to failure, like nearly all my projects. So? Five chapters to go till Manticores Secret first draft is done. So let it be written So let it be done. Broto is thinking of quitting it all and starting a videogame company. Hes also going to a fashion show today where … Continue reading

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