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Return of service

Yeah, I havent blogged for ages. Been travelling, been ill, been staring at blank screens and so on. Also been reading a fair bit – finally did Transmetropolitan, Alan Moore’s Swamp thing, a few others. Still waiting – for big work breaks, life-alterting phone calls, genies in bottles and so on. The unread Bloglines links pile up, as do emails and deadlines. Getting back in is never really fun.
A few links, since I have nothing particularly fun to say –
The world is not against you. It’s indifferent.” – Vikram Seth.
Reading lists for kids
GreatBong on the Calcutta Book Fair
Will try to blog regularly now. promise.


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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


3 thoughts on “Return of service

  1. What did you think of Transmetropolitan? Anything short of rave reviews will engender tremendous disappointment and dirty looks, I’m afraid…

    You should also check out Warren Ellis’ new series ‘Desolation Jones’. Very good indeed – about a shadow community of forcibly retired (often genetically/cybernetically modified) members of the world’s intelligence agencies trying to eke out a living in a near future LA. Some very tight sci fi noir.

    Posted by Abhimanyu | February 2, 2006, 7:28 pm
  2. So what did you think of Transmetropolitan? In my opinion, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing was generally good, but the story was thinned out a bit, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover bit sucked. My personal response for the police arresting Abby for, essentially, having sex with a vegetable, was – so what will they do about the many kinky people who do that anyway?

    Posted by Aditya Bidikar | February 2, 2006, 7:28 pm
  3. And yes, I agree with Abhimanyu – Desolation Jones is quite wonderful. The coloring alone would be worth it, but everything is very good too.

    Posted by Aditya Bidikar | February 23, 2006, 10:01 am

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