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Thirt-ty plus, thirty plus

I’ve forgotten how to blog. I can do 140-character or shorter tweets with no discernible effort. I can do 90,000 words and upwards at great speed, especially if I have a book contract. Anything in between is a challenge. Which is why I had to pause for a good two minutes between the last sentence … Continue reading

I’m only Tweeting

(To be sung to the tune of The Beatles’ I’m Only Sleeping) When I wake up early in the morning, Lift my head, I’m still yawning Get up, start up, sign up, wake up, open eye, Read the mind of Stephen Fryyy Must report, here’s my 140, Follow me or die, I’m only Tweeting Happy … Continue reading

Waiting for winter

is pretty much all I’m doing at present – it’s not just that the book and the comics-I-can’t-talk-about-here-yet are coming out, but winter is when Delhi actually becomes a real city as opposed to a microwave/pressure cooker, and even those as notoriously immovable-assed such as I succumb and wander about. And there will be much … Continue reading


Just went through the proofs of the Unwaba Revelations. And saw the pencil draft of the cover. It looks like we’re on course for December. Will update when I know more, of course. It’s always such a delight to see how the book will look. Sometimes I really love what I do.

IBN Chat

Final update: Transcript. Though is it a transcript if its from a chat session? Further update: We done. Here are a few of my favourite questions. Dickiannn All your base are belongs to us Anamika Saran how long the IT industry will be there in India? Stranger why there is always magnet be attracted in … Continue reading


It’s been almost two months since I finished the book, and am just beginning to emerge from post-partum depression and post-work-binge-coma. Not that no work has been happening – I’ve started a comics column for Bombay HT (links in articles section) and more comics projects are in the works. More importantly, I’ve started reading again, … Continue reading

Capering Duck

Will be doing a Q+A session with Sarnath Banerjee on the 5th of March in Cal, at the launch of The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers. Do come. It’s at the British Council, and I dont know what the time is yet; usually these things are at about 7. Not sure if you need passes, but … Continue reading

The horror, the horror

I look at this script I’m writing, and I think…The Ramsay brothers had no idea what they were missing.Tomorrow, I return to Unwaba. Joy.

Much has happened

Madness, weddings, presscons, airport security hassles, ice buckets in swimming pools, artist/models, star students, aquatic monsters, lectures, lunches, madness again. However, I am back home now, and have bought a big red chair, with wheels, and a bright orange sticker that says Commencez…The Begin… When Govindpuri furniture makers are giving you broad hints about your … Continue reading

On moderation

I’m not rejecting comments. The new template seems to be doing it on its own. And I don’t know enough HTML to fix it. So when you have stuff to say, just mail me, yes?

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