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One happy fanboy

(Pic: Alastair Hagger) When I started writing Simoqin way back in 2001, I had this Word file called ‘Things to remember.’ There were many things to remember, chief among them excerpts from Michael Moorcock’s essay ‘Epic Pooh’ and several extracts from essays written by and interviews of that guy in the picture. And while Terry … Continue reading

New Boy

Short film based on a Roddy Doyle story

Genuflect, show some respect

Bani Abidi, crown jewel of the subcontinent, is going to have her work displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Awe, adoration, and much love.


Coming up soon, a comicbook written by Mike Carey and Samit Basu. For reals! When my editor at Virgin, MacKenzie Cadenhead, asked me if I’d like to co-script with Mike, my initial reaction was disbelief; I’m a huge fan of everything he’s written, and he’s one of the first writers whose work I sought out … Continue reading

Minding the gap

Just back from a long-needed and wonderful holiday – London, Paris and Cambridge revisited, much happiness happinessed. Also feeling several degrees cooler because I got to hang out with the supremely gifted and astonishingly nice Mike Carey at the Angel (John Constantine’s bar) and talk about comics, life and other such things. How I got … Continue reading


…is suddenly finding out you’ve been mentioned in a Michael Moorcock article Indeed, we’ve recently been through a period of  restoration and reconsideration rather than a period of experiment and I think there are real economic and social reasons why this is so.  While mainstream publishers have become more open to publishing synthetic work, including … Continue reading

Spanish Anthology

Recently found out that Hispacon, an anthology of SF/Fantasy with the following rather diverse bill of fare España (Víctor Anchel), Argentina (Sergio Gaut vel Hartman), Turquía (Askin Gungor), Israel (Guy Hasson y Lavie Tidhar), Siria (Taleb Omran), Egipto (Mohammed Ashry), Marruecos (Abdusalaam Al Baqqali), Libia (Abdulhakeem Ameer al Tawil) e India (Samit Basu) is out, … Continue reading

My loony bun is fine

Clearly it is now the age of the Buffalax. Dr. Seuss would have approved.

Double emergence

The Week is now my favourite magazine. There was the Indian fantasy thing, and now my bit in this week’s cover story on emerging Indians will explain why.

In a cottage cheese cottage

You’ve probably seen them before. But in case you haven’t, and I hadn’t before the sage Aishwarya brought them into my life a few days ago…ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present…Flight of the Conchords.

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