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Spanish Anthology

Recently found out that Hispacon, an anthology of SF/Fantasy with the following rather diverse bill of fare España (Víctor Anchel), Argentina (Sergio Gaut vel Hartman), Turquía (Askin Gungor), Israel (Guy Hasson y Lavie Tidhar), Siria (Taleb Omran), Egipto (Mohammed Ashry), Marruecos (Abdusalaam Al Baqqali), Libia (Abdulhakeem Ameer al Tawil) e India (Samit Basu) is out, … Continue reading

My loony bun is fine

Clearly it is now the age of the Buffalax. Dr. Seuss would have approved.

Double emergence

The Week is now my favourite magazine. There was the Indian fantasy thing, and now my bit in this week’s cover story on emerging Indians will explain why.

In a cottage cheese cottage

You’ve probably seen them before. But in case you haven’t, and I hadn’t before the sage Aishwarya brought them into my life a few days ago…ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present…Flight of the Conchords.

Josh Fu

Make yourself useful while visiting friends; take your laptop and camera along and make kung fu home videos starring their sons. That’s how I spent my morning.

from the EVIL FORCES of…

If there was ever a point of time in your life when Sunday mornings meant waiting through endless Rasna ads for He-Man to show up on DD, if you still remember all the words of the intro (I’m Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull..etc, etc) and if you made early … Continue reading

Bufo Biffers

If youve got nothing better to do, and chances are you havent, go and read about Raj Comics’ Fighter Toads (Foursome Mutant Mob)

Weird news 2005: HT

Another year ends, and as usual, everyone is depressed, or drunk, or both. And those who aren’t still idealistic enough to make New Year resolutions lists are busy making Last Year recollections lists. While 2005 has been a particularly sad year, full of calamities natural and man-made, there’s always room for both hope and happy … Continue reading

Operation Diamond Racket

I have now seen the ‘If you come today…’ video about 400 times, and am completely in love. Such exquisite coolness…have mailed the video to lots of people, so by the six forwards of separation rule you should get it soon.

Three (million) reasons to smile

Preacher. Black Orchid. And the complete Asterix. Joy, joy. Am also collaborating with Sarnath on a non-book project, which has been hilarious fun so far. Desperately wish I could draw. Here’s one of the drawings in the pencil stage:

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