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Its going to be a while before The Manticore’s Secret is out. FInished it last December. Its scheduled to come out this December. So dont look for it just yet. The Swedish version of Simoqin (and for the last time, its spelt Simoqin, not Simoquin) is apparently out. have asked for a copy. most intrigued … Continue reading


MonthA lusty young lisper said, “Oneth“I had thexth every day, every month.“Tho avid wath I“My lover went dry“And that wath the end of my humpth.” And other limericks using extremely hard-to-rhyme words by the wonderful Manjula Padmanabham

On burnout

pfffffsst (fizzle)


The comics project I was planning actually looks feasible – in fact, on a larger scale than i had originally thought. so I need artists. Capable of strong, distinctive, original artwork of the superhero variety. So if you can do this, or if you know someone who draws this stuff well, please send me artwork … Continue reading


is where i am write now, or should that be naon. at the indiatimes office, meeting the director ill be working with, and getting ready to conduct auditions for the sitcom. working on a terminal in an office after almost a year; strange feeling. have to write 2 GICS scripts today also.


like that Outlook headline long ago. Last day in Cal today, end of what was supposed to be a week-long holiday. but ended up having no time at all, and todays workload is quite impressive as well. am trying to do four jobs at once, so the shit has hit the ceiling bigtime… massively missing … Continue reading

On siblings

this pretty much defines our relationship now as well 🙂 

Tabloid weird

If you thought me writing on Saratchandra in TOI was weird…well, this is me in a GYM. On TV. In a DRIVING show. I rest my case 

Bonglomeration rules all

SOME of us arent suffering from blogger burnout at all. Ani’s new post on Bengalis, explaining the meekness/violence dichotomy through history, politics, psychology and sport is one of the best things Ive read this year…which, considering the books Ive been consuming over the last few days, is a greater compliment than he’ll ever know.ExcerptConversation 2: … Continue reading

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