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German book deal

is happening; Piper Verlag, a really good German publisher Penguin got in touch with, will publish both Simoqin and Manticore and wants an option on the third.Good news on book front, finally!

The story mills

are grinding exceeding small. Have a few interesting anecdotes for the literary/journalistic story circle, which, as you have not heard, I will proceed to relate as soon as I get back to Delhi. Which should be soon.

Sing no

Thorn feltHi! FeltHuh! Come, king,Behind the Bengali,Under your berries,Hi! Ray drankā€¦ (kaanta laga,haye laga,ha, aja raja,bungley ke peeche,teri beri ke neeche,haye re piya) and other beautiful translations from Wakaw

So, was the doll Piglet?

Not one of the questions answered in the Sandman FAQ

Ve haf vays of…


Before Sunset: Good and unusualOrange cellular services: Bad and commonDonnie Darko: Good, but overratedAmerican Pie 2: Bad, but brilliantABBA music videos: FabulousSpam: Terrible

Brief and enjoyable

trip to Bombay, which lasted all of half an hour…then left again, to come to Navi Mumbai and my sisters new place, which is just as wonderful as the old one. So far have sprawled around, watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 8 Mile, fantastic and good respectively, and am now gently contemplating … Continue reading

So, it turns out

that Im going to Bombay today, not tomorrow. Good thing I checked the ticket today, no?

Remembering BASIC

10 IF NETSTATUS$=”24 hour permanent connection” THEN BLOGSTATUS$=”More often”20 IF MONEYSTATUS$=”Less broke” THEN LIFE$=”Happier”30 IF MIND$=”Less confused” THEN PLAN$=”Possible”40 PRINT “I wish I knew more complex programming languages, but my computer education stopped early”50 END

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