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We quack still

Havent been blogging for a variety of reasons, the two most important being 1) I havent been near the Internet for more than two minutes a day since I last blogged and 2) I got a little bored with it. But life, as I suspected, went on…wrote a script in absurdly bad Hindi for the … Continue reading

The Economist

Another classic post from the Gamemaster, this time explaining what economists do…

Just Bring It

You are The Rock Which WWE Wrestler are you?brought to you by Quizilla Colin Mochrie Which ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ actor are you!?brought to you by Quizilla You are Pai Mei! You’re an underground loosecannon. Yeah you have some good disciplinaryskills, but if someone messes with you, theydon’t have much of a chance. Which … Continue reading


Dwarfatlarge on Vile Cousins

“Oh, look at your muscles I say, just like Rajnikant I say, touch me and I will faint with pleasure, I tell you”)

Why I’m a Neil Gaiman fan

From his journal…Dear Neil, In the cell phone pic that Roger Avary took, are you wearing a shiny gold disco jacket, or do you just have a parasite of some kind attached to your back? If the former, you have my sympathies.–Mary Dell It’s just a red traffic light reflected on the back of the … Continue reading

BO CaseFiles: The lawyer’s letter

For something that’s really raising up a stink in the blogosphere, go to mediahaMeanwhile, here are excerpts from a similar lawsuit: 2. That you and the Nostril are indulging in the misinformation campaign against my Armpit and are deliberately damaging the reputation, goodwill of my Armpit and defaming the employees of my Armpit and other … Continue reading

From Ranajit’s blog

Paid first visit to Known Cal Person Ranajit S Dam’s blog today, found this: Writing a page of literary dynamite is one thing. Sustaining that over 80,000 or 100,000 words is something completely different. I got through a difficult page or so today, only to realize the enormity of the task that lies ahead. While … Continue reading



Not all ducks are nice

Some ducks are just plain weird.And some ducks are not nice at all.

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