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BO CaseFiles: The lawyer’s letter

For something that’s really raising up a stink in the blogosphere, go to mediaha
Meanwhile, here are excerpts from a similar lawsuit:

2. That you and the Nostril are indulging in the misinformation campaign against my Armpit and are deliberately damaging the reputation, goodwill of my Armpit and defaming the employees of my Armpit and other group companies, without disclosing the source

3. That your constant libelous campaign against my Armpit guided by ulterior motives is tarnishing the image of my Armpit and continuously defaming my Armpit…

4. You had fuzz played on an earlier occasion…you had immediately put an apology on your Nostril…the intent of the apology was not the apology in real terms…not by a person who really regret it…

5. On mere looking at your Nostril,a lay man can immediately understand that you are in the habit of doing malicious campaign…

7. The messages posted by you on the Nostril with respect to my Armpit are hearsay, concocted and written only to defame and harm the interest of my Armpits, defame its executives and spoil the business, for your own vested interest…The statements are expressive and made with sole intent of hatred and to ridicule my Armpit…

8. That your action is clearly guided with the objective of projecting my Armpit as an evil business house and to create a monster like image of my Armpit…It seems that you are doing so at the behest of someone who is jealous of my Armpit’s continuous growing business

10. You appear to have launched double barrell attack on my Armpit…

11. That every action of my Armpit has been misrepresented by you through the Nostril to malign the image of my Armpit…

12…. my Armpit as any other person has right to carry on its business…you are illegally interfering with the business interest of my Armpit…If my Armpit picks up stocks/shares here and there, how does it matter to you, what right you have to blow such issues out of proportion? Obviously you have malicious and ulterior objective against my Armpit guided by criminal considerations…

15. We fail to understand what animosity you have against my Armpit and its employees that smell of a personal vendetta against my Armpit and its employees.

16…immediately respond to this notice and explain as to why my Armpit should not take appropriate legal action against you…

Copy of this legal notice retain in my office for future legal records


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4 thoughts on “BO CaseFiles: The lawyer’s letter

  1. Unrelated comment (altho the nostril-armpit dialogue was truly excellent).. congratulations on the german book deal. 🙂 really great news.

    Posted by newt! | March 18, 2005, 9:26 am
  2. u guys who read this blog: are u guys nuts?? the man writes an inconsequential post (saying aarrggh) and someone comments abt that..and there are comments wars going on elsewhere..and he writes this utterly brilliant piece, and NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO SAY??????????


    a slightly flared,

    Posted by Buchu | March 19, 2005, 3:04 am
  3. aww, buchudi, my head is full of political science at the moment , cant take any more jargon, tho brilliant. sorry. besides being named a spammer, dont habh da, ye, intelligence……

    Posted by #3tiYo>B_shyo> | March 19, 2005, 6:45 am


    that was a hilarious analysis of thesituation, and thus prolly the mosht akkurate.

    Posted by Fadereu | March 31, 2005, 5:02 pm

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