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Self support

its always embarassing to have to buy copies of your own book…but i end up doing it a lot, usually because i never have enough time to order from penguin at my authors discount rate (since i usually need the books by yesterday when i buy them), and because i dont have a room lined … Continue reading


Remember the expression ‘He had a face only a mother could love?’Thats me.In the midst of fond hellos, my mother managed, very lovingly, to convey the following information to me within two minutes of meeting me.1. I am fat2. I need a haircut3. I am red4. I should wonder why Im single5. I havent done … Continue reading

Good ole cal…

Thought would catch up with the blogging when i got back to cal, but thats not going to happen. the cable internet, alas, is gone…no one was using it while i was away. which means this wonky vsnl shit is all i have, in the morning before my mothers office kicks off.first few days in … Continue reading

OK, for the last time…

This is not meThis is me

Raj Comics

Pikachu’s latest post reminded me of our bonding session in the outlook office over the Raj Comics website ( name synonymous with almost complete children’s comics scene in India. Creators of dazzling array of comic heroes), which i discovered thanks to Shuddha and my comics story.Here are a few links to my favourite pagesfrom the … Continue reading

OJ, YJ and BJ

Must-read tale from The Compulsive Confessor

Evening of the flesh-eaters

Saw that movie with Milla Jovovich, based on that video game. Dammit, have forgotten the name.The movie’s better than the video game, though less interactive.One of the crew, i noticed while the credits were rolling, was called Sam Basu.Resident Evil, thats the one. I saw Resident Evil.The Gimp and his Gurl were over last evening. … Continue reading

Ready to Rumble?

from Kitabkhana…The Babu is thinking sadly that Indian literary awards would be so much fun if you could just take the Tournament of Books model and tweak it a little. Like put the authors into the ring (free boxing gloves provided), sit back and watch as Anita Desai tries to punch out Nayantara Sahgal, Amit … Continue reading

Some days

You know you’ve just got to be a space monkey

Lost in Translation

intend to watch it again today, which makes today the perfect day to link to Tokyo Damage Control

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