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League of Ext. Gent.

read it, its fabulous. with this sort of source material, how did they manage to make the movie so terrible?specially loved the appearances of katy carr and pollyanna in that terrible school in north england.

So, i lectured again

and it was fun, though it was at the end of a long day, and everyone before me was so boring that i had to look good after all of it. wasnt particularly interesting on an absolute scale, as i said ‘um’ 1500 times and skipped about half of what i was going to say, … Continue reading

Excerpts from BNC lecture

After extensive research, i have uncovered Five good things about being a writer1. Publicity2. Occasional job satisfaction3. Moral ground4. Free copies of own book at time of publication5. Free food Five bad things about being a writer1. Abject poverty2. Obesity3. Personality disorders4. Loneliness and desparation5. Supreme insignificance

I have many new pants



great game, all about psychological warfare and knowing the enemy, spent very pleasant afternoon playing it at the House of Bini and Momo. Eternally grateful, not just for pleasant time, but for memories of what college life used to be like. AND confirmation that its possible to get along with people much younger than you … Continue reading

spot the addition

Gamesmaster G-9 says:I am Aniruddha Ranjan Chandra Suvrat Raju Gupta SharmaGamesmaster G-9 says:ARCSRGS for short

Self support

its always embarassing to have to buy copies of your own book…but i end up doing it a lot, usually because i never have enough time to order from penguin at my authors discount rate (since i usually need the books by yesterday when i buy them), and because i dont have a room lined … Continue reading

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