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Havent been blogging, randomly. Nothing much to report. Sunday last was at Ruchir’s birthday party; took along crate of beer and surprise package in the form of Bultu, bearing in his hands a copy of an article by Nondona Prudence Biswas, Ruchir’s pseudonym when he wrote for Calcutta Skyline magazine in the late 80s.

what else? the Gimp has left the flat, and suddenly Stoob and I find it is possible to live in a clean place again. My room has suddenly grown a lot warmer; exciting things have been happening in it. still have no clue about life in general, but am getting a lot of insight into certain specifics.

most importantly, am playing caution card re bombay; keeping G1416 for another 3 months, though i am going to bombay in march anyway, to see if anyone wants to give me money. but am leaving my stuff in delhi.

ah, have just remembered what i was supposed to do today; figure out what to write for HT. somewhat typically, have done nothing of the sort.

watched…lets see…les incroyables (yowza), tie me up tie me down (not so hot) maqbool (very very good) and dont remember what else. the really bad news is that my dvd player is seriously injured, so it might make more s ense to just buy a new one. which is difficult, considering i have no money. thinking such deep thoughts, i naturally went to palika abd bought more, but non-intellectual stuff this time – 5 will smith movies and so on. found lost in translation though.

wont write any more…just thought needed to get back into blogging habit.

also wrote one two-min screenplay. no idea whether its any good though.


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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


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