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Thinking of going to Puri?

Here’s a suggestion; dont. It stinks.

And now I have to write a nice article about it.

Just got back home – that the first thing i do is get online is probably not a good thing.

will post more later. there are mosquitoes in my bloodstream.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking of going to Puri?

  1. Hey, I wasn’t really thinking of going to Puri, but my Ma had this bright idea of taking us all there on a family trip. However, now that the chances of it have receded like the mucky Puri sea in low tide, I was wondering what the Bangali version of sand(esh), sea and surf (flecked with the shit water draining out of the Puri hotel) looks like. Are tourists still accosted by ‘Pondas’ when the train pulls into the station, do the rickshawallhas still holler ‘dhaikirikiri’ and is the nuliya basti still around. Still remember that eventful night some aeons ago on another of those family trips there, when a smart-arse nuliya tried to steal my dad’s shaving bag with his homemade fishing rod and ferret it out through the window of the single-storey, cheap-shit hotel we were staying in. And the ensuing tug-of-war between my Dad and nuliya… and dad showing off The Exhibit the next day to my impressed cousins and sundry other family members.

    Posted by Tridib | December 9, 2004, 1:36 pm
  2. whar drama! what adventure!
    nothing remotely exciting happened to me. but i think i will stick your story into my article…

    Posted by samit | December 10, 2004, 1:26 am

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