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Thirt-ty plus, thirty plus

I’ve forgotten how to blog. I can do 140-character or shorter tweets with no discernible effort. I can do 90,000 words and upwards at great speed, especially if I have a book contract. Anything in between is a challenge.
Which is why I had to pause for a good two minutes between the last sentence and this one. Anyway, so I just turned thirty and I’m old enough to remember a time when thirty was old to young people. If anyone can find that ad they used to show on DD, for the rejuvenation capsule Thirty Plus, I would be extremely grateful – the jingle went something like ‘If you’re at Thirty, you have it all! Just keep on fighting, with Thirty Plus, Thirty Plus.’ Unless my mind is filling in words. I remember the tune quite clearly. Please find this for me. I want to post it on my blog and look at it from time to time.
The new novel has been done for about a month now, and publisherhunting is beginning in earnest. About to start work on new projects, but won’t talk about those, because it always looks ridiculous given the pace of things. There are many other things I won’t talk about here, and I guess now is as good a time as any to start. See? Told you. These middle-length passages, they’re a problem. Luckily, I have something to distract you, also on the subject of age: Wrote something for an India Today special issue about a week ago. Here it is.


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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


2 thoughts on “Thirt-ty plus, thirty plus

  1. No problem with the 140 character restriction! After all it is Twitter that has helped some of us to become more accurate and to the point!

    Shastri Philip

    Posted by Shastri JC Philip | December 18, 2009, 9:03 pm
  2. The India Today article was very perceptive of you. Wishing you a Dashing Thirty!

    Posted by ahimaz | January 11, 2010, 2:35 pm

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