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Jabberwock, love god

Scene: The Jabberwock’s bedroom. Midnight. Satin sheets, soft music etc Jabberwock (amorously): Hey. Want to see my caduceus? Sultry siren: Not tonight, darling. I’m feeling a tad atrabilious.

Caught in the act

I am, even as I blog, being photographed by an NDTV team. This is truly bizarre. I cant move my head, or look at the keyboard. I think Im doing pretty good.

Holy Powertool!

The fabulous Jay watches The Fantastic Four(some) and comes up with the perfect Gay Man’s Justice League


Have been meaning to put up my desktop background on this blog for a while now. This is from Beatiful Stuff

In memory of all those rigged quizzes…

Great Bong has a fabulous post on the Great Parnab Mukherjee, which rekindled fond memories of very entertaining chats in the Don Bosco auditorium, and not-so-fond memories of those made-up questions. Parnab’s doing very well now, quizzes, theatre, and has even written a book. But I guess you can’t fool all of the people all … Continue reading

That sinking feeling

Theres a dull, hollow pain in my left ventricle. I am tense, jumpy, hairtrigger irritable. And this is because bloody Sarnath Banerjee, using his peerless scamster/schmoozer skills, somehow convinced me to lend him my Monty Python DVDs. Strongly suspect I will call him once every five minutes today to find out how they are. Note: … Continue reading

Caption this

This is from the marginalien’s recent cartoon, where the jabberwock drools over suki, but ive seen this expression on jai’s face sometimes. So caption this: What has the Jabberwock just heard?

Not the right time

to approach anyone for a film deal, methinks. Writers and filmmakers havent been getting on too well. There was the whole Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanting to beat up Suketu Mehta thing some time back, and now Ashok Banker thinks Mahesh Bhatt was his long-lost sibling’s daddy.

Thinking of going to Puri?

Here’s a suggestion; dont. It stinks. And now I have to write a nice article about it. Just got back home – that the first thing i do is get online is probably not a good thing. will post more later. there are mosquitoes in my bloodstream.

So, having gained momentum

Did I carry on and write a super final chapter? No, I lazed around and watched high-octane intellectual TV. 1) The Miss World prelims, where girls from 107 countries lazed around in bikinis, talked about how they would make a difference, and then urged the viewer to vote for them. My favourite vote-for-me line was … Continue reading

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