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Oh crap

So I come back home, after a lovely afternoon and bitterly cold evening at Lodhi gardens, to find the cat crapping on me. To be more specific, on the only copy of the review of the only play I acted in that got reviewed, which starred an actress who’s now in the US shooting a … Continue reading

Operation Diamond Racket

I have now seen the ‘If you come today…’ video about 400 times, and am completely in love. Such exquisite coolness…have mailed the video to lots of people, so by the six forwards of separation rule you should get it soon.

Going mad

because since 930 pm last night, which was the time he got back home, Stoob has been dancing around the flat singing the following song in a terrible Kannada accent. Kruipe Mahesh Movie : Operation Diamond Rocket Lyric : Chi UdayaShankar Music : GK Venkatesh Voice : RajKumar if you come today | it’s too … Continue reading

This means war

It will help my research considerably if you list your top five battle scenes (army v army, not individual) in fantasy, either in comments or via email. Thanks! Mine are these, in no particular order: Helm’s Deep Witches v Gobblers in Northern Lights Five Armies Dark v Light in Grunts Dros Delnoch (Druss v Ulric)


Yer good-fer-nothing, spineless, scurvy, ponytailed scallywag! Know ye what to do with yer britches when them bloodthirsty, buccaneerin’ bloggers attack? Aye, I pee ’em, cap’n!

Still blinking in disbelief

at the insane IIPM story. Read the whole thing on India Uncut. A bunch of links are provided there; do read them all. I really cant think of anything to add, except that I wish Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal all the very best, and hope the people they’re up against lose a lot of … Continue reading

Dod 23:5

“My brain has been sludge since then.” this is from eM’s meme tag (pick out 5th sentence of 23rd post) there was also the 55 word story one, but I’m not doing that for free:)

Just got asked

by a reporter: How is your second book doing? and Do you call yourself very prolific?

Why blog…

…when you can play Curveball? Or Flamingo Golf? Or Penguin Swing? Hell, just play the entire Yeti Olympics… There (rubbing hands) now you’re not going to get any work done either. Muhaha.

Jabberwock, love god

Scene: The Jabberwock’s bedroom. Midnight. Satin sheets, soft music etc Jabberwock (amorously): Hey. Want to see my caduceus? Sultry siren: Not tonight, darling. I’m feeling a tad atrabilious.

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