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I have discovered, to my surprise, that my book is out in Calcutta as well. Was in Starmark buying my mother books – and Unwaba wasn’t in the new releases section or displayed anywhere significant, of course – but yes, there it was, tucked away in a corner of the SF section. Perhaps this is … Continue reading

Other new releases

Das Fest der Zwerge   This is an anthology of fantasy stories from my German publishers, Piper. One of these stories, The Year of the Ape, starring the Silver Dagger and Kirin, is mine. It’s also in German, and also features a story by (ahem) Ray Bradbury. The theme of the anthology is Christmas/year-end feasts. … Continue reading

…And we’re off.

So, I went to Khan Market for lunch and then sauntered into a bookstore to look at the New Arrivals section and mourn the fact that my book was missing. Having done so, I was greatly surprised to see that the book, while not amongst the New Arrivals, had nevertheless actually arrived and was lurking … Continue reading

On the move

This is still very tentative, but I believe the wheels are finally moving. Advance copies are here, and so the book should – should – be out within a week. None of this is confirmed, but possibly this weekend in Delhi and early next week for the rest of India. A couple of sites – … Continue reading

Well, not that soon

Dear Everyone Who’s Written In Wanting To Know The Exact Release/Launch Date, I’m afraid I don’t know, though I assure you I have asked. Mid-December is what I just heard. But thank you for waiting, and wanting, and for your kind words. This means readings/signing/events, if they happen, will probably – possibly – be in … Continue reading

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