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New cover

Just saw the artwork for the new Simoqin cover, which I think should be a definite improvement. Chewing nails off in anticipation of Manticore cover.

Still blinking in disbelief

at the insane IIPM story. Read the whole thing on India Uncut. A bunch of links are provided there; do read them all. I really cant think of anything to add, except that I wish Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal all the very best, and hope the people they’re up against lose a lot of … Continue reading

Djinn and tonic

Met William Dalrymple at Rana’s party on Friday; Rana was obviously there too, so we had a Tehelka reunion, with Ruchir Joshi as honorary member. WD laughs uproariously, dances enthusiastically and reads this blog! Rana’s party was probably one of the Events of the Season – the only one I scored an invite for, anyway … Continue reading

Sinister Bengalis in comics

From The Dreaming no. 52, by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Vertigo


Hermits sometimes hear news before other people do. So here are some future books-page items related to Indian blogging: Leading online journalist signed up by leading publisher to write book about phenomenon of Indian blogging, and leading Indian blogger shortly to be signed up by leading publisher to write fiction version of leading blog. Cheers … Continue reading

Indian Review of Books: Tales of the Otori

Grass for his PillowBook 2 of the Tales of the Otori TrilogyLian Hearn Brilliance of the MoonBook 3 of the Tales of the Otori TrilogyLian Hearn The Tales of the Otori trilogy, beginning with the widely acclaimed Across the Nightingale Floor (2002) transported readers across the world to an imaginary medieval Japan torn apart by … Continue reading


This site shivered me timbers. mateys. Translate yer blog t’ piratespeak. More grog, wench!

What is the Duck of Destiny?

This post is to let readers know that despite what they might have heard, I am not, repeat not, a duck. What, then, is the Duck of Destiny? I cannot reveal that at this time. However, it is quite possible that the Duck of Destiny is a McGuffin.


Four years after our soul-stirring performance at Seagull bookstore, Cal, Arjun finally managed to scan a few pictures and send them. Am posting one from the rehearsals – Vijay practising General Melchett while Ratnabali (Blackadder) me (George) and Arjun (Baldrick) look on proudly and one of Arjun and Arpita from the Monty Python sketch where … Continue reading

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