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Because, owing to the bunch of things I have to do (read and edit book, write kids story, find work, other stuff) over the next week, I have just had to say no to a holiday in the Andamans. for an outlook traveller article. the andamans. gone. sob. this is divine vengeance for not doing the anti-andamans-tourism story before i left outlook.

missing a trip to the andamans is not a good thing any way you look at it…except maybe from POV of people who would have seen me galumphing like walrus on beach. even the corals would have bleached themselves in shock, thus resulting in destruction of natural miracle formed over millenia.

ok, so maybe walruses arent beach animals, and i dont physically secrete chlorine. still sad, so you can kiss my tusks.

the only good news i can think of at the moment is that i saw lost in translation, which is a beautiful film. beautifully made, and beautifully written. am such a bill murray fan – if you see him in this film, and then think of him in charlies angels, the mans range is incredible. the bit where the japanese masseuse asks him to lip her stockings and where he does the whiskey commercial – just classic.

also read the first alvin maker book for the first time – am shamefully behind on my sff. its good, though philip pullman does the anti-organized-religion thing so much better. also started elric by michael moorcock – very silly. dancers at the end of time was so much better. will reread little, big before next week is out – dont want to take these books to delhi. also saw pirates of caribbean, barbarella (obsessed, i know, but what can i say about a movie where the evil vamp says things like, youre very pretty, pretty-pretty!) and introduced my mother to the matrix. the movie, i mean, in case you think i actually wired her in.


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3 thoughts on “Sad

  1. River cruises he gets. The Andamans he gets.
    Me? i get to cover a dozen beach hotels in three days.
    It’s just not fair, i tell you.
    Am off to the garden to eat worms. Damn, i don’t have a garden.

    Posted by zigzackly | December 5, 2004, 10:33 am
  2. its an east zone thing. and i DONT get to go to the andamans. in any case, am going back to delhi on the 12th, so all this is out.
    planning to move to bombay in 2005, though.

    Posted by samit | December 5, 2004, 11:00 am
  3. Make that “gets offered.” the last two i did for OT, i didn’t even get out of the city.

    Ah. Bombay’s gain!

    Posted by zigzackly | December 5, 2004, 11:13 am

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