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Post wedding blues, thank god

On a less completely self-obsessed note, one of the Maheshwari brats from next door has tied the knot or whatever it is that they do, which means the ceaseless prewedding partying has, well, ceased to be ceaseless by ceasing. which means the rest of the neighbourhood doesnt have to listen to dhoom machale dhoom machale … Continue reading

Yowza, sez the wrd machine

Another chapter bites the dust as the juggernaut rolls on. The word rolls here is unfortunately accurate. Anyhow, one more chapter, then the BIG free-for-all climax, and epilogue and then i actually have to start reading the damn thing. The computer from which i normally access the net has gone into early retirement, and just … Continue reading

Asked why he has a blog and not a life, he said…

Because its free

La-Z boy

Writing that enthusiastic self-motivational post obviously took up all my energy, so I did nothing all day yesterday. Well, not really nothing – watched Zorro again, which is always good…specially now that I see Banderas primarily as puss in boots, but what happened to catherine z? how i worshipped her post zorro…and also saw Zoolander, … Continue reading

Last lap

Three more chapters and epilogue Three more chapters and epilogue The end seems within sight. Huff. Puff. Collapse. Quick. This calls for emergency self-help exercise. You Are Ticking Parcel. You Kick Serious Posterior. Cue world domination music. Aaah, much better.

Getting really fat

Not because I want to, but more out a sense of duty. India has far too many thin and gorgeous writers, and a field must have diversity before it can claim complexity.


Getting better: The 30 day highscore is 31 mill, the 15 day one is 12…if I were writing my novel with half as much effort, I think it would be really good.

Rave magazine

Got my free contributors copy today. Very nice. My pic is next to Yana Guptas, which is always a cause for celebration. Wonder when theyll send me the money, though…

Orwell ends well

Not much of a quotations person, but came across this bit from George Orwell’s ‘why i write’ while cleaning out old folders on the old comp. had saved it, which meant it must have appealed to me deeply :~ Reason 1: Sheer egoism. Desire to seem clever, to be talked about, to be remembered after … Continue reading

Bad Company

After yet another day of no work – well, i wrote one paragraph about security minotaurs but that doesnt really count, does it? – i watched this thriller called bad company – anthony hopkins, chris rock. they should have called it bad idea – mindblowingly boring sludge of cliches, sad one-liners and american paranoia. my … Continue reading

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