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Yowza, sez the wrd machine

Another chapter bites the dust as the juggernaut rolls on. The word rolls here is unfortunately accurate. Anyhow, one more chapter, then the BIG free-for-all climax, and epilogue and then i actually have to start reading the damn thing.

The computer from which i normally access the net has gone into early retirement, and just yells and goes off if anyone touches it. which means i can no longer prowl the information superhighway on my messengers, looking for unsuspecting victims.

which is sad. for me, that is.

Wrote 3000 plus words today, which is never a bad thing. was remembering hari kunzru telling me how on a good day he wrote 1000 words, which just goes to show that i pay a lot less attention. which sort of makes me wonder whether he tops at 1000 or averages 1000. me, if i averaged 1000 words a day id finish the book in a little over 4 months…which is actually what i am doing. but considering the sheer amount of time ive wasted piling on the flesh, it doesnt seem like very much.

imagine, though, if someone like nadeem aslam, who i think wrote his latest in 11 years, decided hed just do an average word a day thing.

So, on that principle, my great novel will now begin.

It was a warm….

Good beginning, i think. Will keep working at at. who knows, some 12 years from now…

at the other end of the scale, consider barbara cartland, that pink clad now deactivated word machine, who even from the grave is sending out some 100 more books to add to global diabetes. its like the wodehouse story…what was it? honeysuckle cottage, thats the one. my favourite. james rodman, the hero, had that sad look, like, wait, ill get it, claude masterton in heather o’ the hills. and the aunts name was leila j. pinckney, and the dogs name was william.

wheres a blithe spirits quiz when you need one?


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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


2 thoughts on “Yowza, sez the wrd machine

  1. I’m not quite Barbara Cartland yet but I might be getting there: am averaging 600 words a day on my blog – or doesn’t that count? (I also scribble out 200-250 words in my personal diary every night.)
    But in reply to your question, no, absolutely no novel on the cards…

    Posted by Jabberwock | November 25, 2004, 4:45 am
  2. they all say that…
    and no, normally blogging doesnt count, but given the extremely high standards on yours, im willing to make an exception.

    Posted by samit | November 25, 2004, 12:05 pm

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