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Turbulence in the US Part 7: The All-Star Game

So here we are again, with what is probably the last review/interview collection post about Turbulence for now. It’s been a delightful couple of months, and thank you for bearing with this power-blast of posts. To start off this collection of superkind reviews off with a bang, “What is the best superhero novel of all … Continue reading

Turbulence in the USA Part Six: Revenge of Turbulence

A month in, and I have to say I’m incredibly grateful to the American readers and critics of Turbulence: the reaction in the US has been beyond anything I’d hoped for. Five more really kind reviews and an interview in this post: ‘A strong contender for novel of the year, Samit Basu’s Turbulence races along … Continue reading

Turbulence in the USA Part Four: Son of Turbulence

For previous Turbulence in America posts go here, here and here. Last week, was most honoured to be in a site I’ve been a huge fan of for years: a Turbulence excerpt was published in Boing Boing. Two very kind reviews in the Los Angeles Beat and The Pull Box ” …between his plot/story-scaffolding, his … Continue reading

Turbulence in the USA Part 3: Return of Turbulence

The Turbulence America saga continues: for previous episodes go here and here. This week, it’s mostly interviews, two of which are in massive SF/fantasy sites I’ve been a fan of for years: Suvudu interview SF Signal interview I really can’t express how honoured I feel to be in these sites. And two sites I just … Continue reading

Turbulence in the USA: Part Two

For part one of this tale of intercontinental superheroics and shenanigans, go here. Today’s update: James Floyd Kelly, who wrote the amazing Wired review in the US when Turbulence was out in the UK, now has a new site and an incredibly generous US release update for Turbulence: “If you like superhero stories and are … Continue reading

Turbulence is out in the US

And here we go. Aman, Jai and co are in the superhero homeland. Who knows what happens to them there. (Well, storywise I do, and it’s all written out in Resistance, large parts of which are set in New York, but that’s some way away yet.) Excerpts: Shakefire (Ch.1) MSN Entertainment (Ch. 2) MTV (Ch. … Continue reading

Turbulence reviewed in The Sun


Events: UK book tour

So, from late September to mid October I’ll be in the UK, attending festivals, doing events and otherwise having a good time. Here’s the schedule as of now, there will be updates. Forbidden Planet Pre-Fantasy Con Event  – 6pm 27th September Fantasy con 11am 28th – 1pm 30th September (reading at 10am on Sat and Titan … Continue reading

You have (1) Superhero Upgrades Available.

(posted earlier on the Titan Books site, here) It’s amazing that superheroes are still popular, because our concerns as a species have become terrifyingly small. Earlier generations used to really believe in things; gods, life in outer space waiting to greet or annihilate us, nuclear bombs, unknown monsters, evil, identikit foreigners. It was an easier … Continue reading

Turbulence reviewed in SFX

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