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Turbulence in the USA Part Six: Revenge of Turbulence

A month in, and I have to say I’m incredibly grateful to the American readers and critics of Turbulence: the reaction in the US has been beyond anything I’d hoped for. Five more really kind reviews and an interview in this post:

‘A strong contender for novel of the year, Samit Basu’s Turbulence races along at lightspeed and leaves you breathlessly demanding more.’ – One Metal

‘Samit Basu does characterization incredibly well, bonding the reader with the characters as quickly as a television show. His visual descriptions give a focused picture of the action, with the reader filling in the small details to complete the characters.’ – Fanboy Nation

‘That action – which isn’t always physical or literal – makes the book really exciting.  There were times I had trouble putting it down to go to bed.’ – With An Accent

‘Turbulence covers it all: action, romance, politics and moral dilemmas.  And it will definitely leave you wanting more.’ – Fangirl Confessions

‘There’s a Superman, and he’s Indian! As much as that hurts my red, white, and blue (American!) pride to write, it does actually make for one hell of a good story.’ – Atomic Moo

Interview at Fanboy Comics  

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