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Turbulence in the US Part 7: The All-Star Game

So here we are again, with what is probably the last review/interview collection post about Turbulence for now. It’s been a delightful couple of months, and thank you for bearing with this power-blast of posts.

To start off this collection of superkind reviews off with a bang,

“What is the best superhero novel of all time?… it’s time to add another book to our list.” – superheronovels.com

And that’s not all:

“What’s amazing about Turbulence is that while it does a great job of paying proper homage to the many superhero stories from comics’ past, it also presents a story that feels very unique and original.” – The Geek Hard Show 

“For any superhero fan, Turbulence is a must-read. It’s got everything you’d ask for out of a comic book, packed into a clever, action-packed novel. It’s got a modern edge that puts it in it’s own category of awesome.” – Nerdophiles

“…Basu’s light touch is also deceptive; the writing here is often very good, and the super-powers — like that of the multiplying (and then reintegrating) Tia — consistently well-presented. Impressive, too, is how well he realizes his characters in just short descriptions and snappy dialogue.” – The Complete Review

“Well-rounded characters, a gripping plot, rippling with great writing.” – Popculture-y

“I’ve felt like Turbulence is a perfect sibling to Misfits, another great take on the superheroes genre, and as such I would recommend it to anyone looking for a original superheroes tale with a bit of a twist.” – upcoming4.me

I’m not sure if this counts as an official review, but as I was wandering through westeros.org in order to find more Winds of Winter previews I found this post about about Turbulence by a senior user.

“It’s a funny book, reminds me of Neil Gaiman at his wittiest in some ways, but it’s also sad, joyful, angry, tense… the characters are engaging, and the action is skillfully executed.” – westeros.org

Hopefully George R R Martin is reading his fan forums! The people there seem to have excellent taste.

Also, a few more interviews and an essay:

Interview at Popculture-y

An essay at military.com about superhuman tech and the military mind.

Unleash the Fanboy interview.

That’s all for now, folks, and thanks for being with me on this ride. And if you’d like to see the whole lot, collected reviews page here. Interviews page here. Articles/posts here.


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