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I aten’t dead

Just working/travelling/living. And meeting truly exciting people. Two films and a book and a comics series to write, all due yesterday, and another book and art project to work on, so the idea of MORE typing is killing. But yet again, I resolve to try. A comic I’ve been hugely excited about working on (because … Continue reading

Unwaba launch, Delhi

Date:  Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Time:  7:00pm Location:  Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Centre Do come. And bring your friends. There’ll be a short video thingie where I talk about my influences, a quick reading, a discussion with the mighty Nilanjana S. Roy, and drunksdrinks. Will post about other events when dates and times are confirmed. … Continue reading

Other new releases

Das Fest der Zwerge   This is an anthology of fantasy stories from my German publishers, Piper. One of these stories, The Year of the Ape, starring the Silver Dagger and Kirin, is mine. It’s also in German, and also features a story by (ahem) Ray Bradbury. The theme of the anthology is Christmas/year-end feasts. … Continue reading

…And we’re off.

So, I went to Khan Market for lunch and then sauntered into a bookstore to look at the New Arrivals section and mourn the fact that my book was missing. Having done so, I was greatly surprised to see that the book, while not amongst the New Arrivals, had nevertheless actually arrived and was lurking … Continue reading

On the move

This is still very tentative, but I believe the wheels are finally moving. Advance copies are here, and so the book should – should – be out within a week. None of this is confirmed, but possibly this weekend in Delhi and early next week for the rest of India. A couple of sites – … Continue reading

Coming soon…


…is suddenly finding out you’ve been mentioned in a Michael Moorcock article Indeed, we’ve recently been through a period of  restoration and reconsideration rather than a period of experiment and I think there are real economic and social reasons why this is so.  While mainstream publishers have become more open to publishing synthetic work, including … Continue reading

Calling Indian SF and Fantasy writers

I’m putting together Indian/diaspora short stories, SF and Fantasy, for an anthology. 3000-6000 words. Deadline 12th November. Payment in royalties in exciting foreign currencies if your story makes it through. Previously published work is fine. Multiple submissions also fine. Email me your stories with a brief bio. Also, if you’re a member of a writergroup, … Continue reading

Spanish Anthology

Recently found out that Hispacon, an anthology of SF/Fantasy with the following rather diverse bill of fare España (Víctor Anchel), Argentina (Sergio Gaut vel Hartman), Turquía (Askin Gungor), Israel (Guy Hasson y Lavie Tidhar), Siria (Taleb Omran), Egipto (Mohammed Ashry), Marruecos (Abdusalaam Al Baqqali), Libia (Abdulhakeem Ameer al Tawil) e India (Samit Basu) is out, … Continue reading

New German cover

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