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LitforLife video

This is a video of the panel I did recently with Amruta Patil and Appupen at the Hindu LitforLife festival in Chennai.

Events: UK book tour

So, from late September to mid October I’ll be in the UK, attending festivals, doing events and otherwise having a good time. Here’s the schedule as of now, there will be updates. Forbidden Planet Pre-Fantasy Con Event  – 6pm 27th September Fantasy con 11am 28th – 1pm 30th September (reading at 10am on Sat and Titan … Continue reading

One happy fanboy

(Pic: Alastair Hagger) When I started writing Simoqin way back in 2001, I had this Word file called ‘Things to remember.’ There were many things to remember, chief among them excerpts from Michael Moorcock’s essay ‘Epic Pooh’ and several extracts from essays written by and interviews of that guy in the picture. And while Terry … Continue reading


Was part of the audience for an NDTV show last night where three young MPs, Deepender Hooda, Kalikesh Singh Deo and Manicka Tagore were fielding questions from an audience of students about what it meant to be young and in Parliament. These guys are young, smart, camera-friendly and clearly capable of so much. Wonder what … Continue reading

Unwaba launch, Delhi

Date:  Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Time:  7:00pm Location:  Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Centre Do come. And bring your friends. There’ll be a short video thingie where I talk about my influences, a quick reading, a discussion with the mighty Nilanjana S. Roy, and drunksdrinks. Will post about other events when dates and times are confirmed. … Continue reading

Coming soon…

IBN Chat

Final update: Transcript. Though is it a transcript if its from a chat session? Further update: We done. Here are a few of my favourite questions. Dickiannn All your base are belongs to us Anamika Saran how long the IT industry will be there in India? Stranger why there is always magnet be attracted in … Continue reading

Up, up, away, etc.

Was in Cal last weekend, where the Superhero! launch went very well; there were people behind the people who were standing because the chairs were full, one superhero-costumed kid, one baby, several Young Journalist types and later there was a dinner with many, many school principals which ended, predictable, with the authors clustered around the … Continue reading

Rocket launch

Yesterday evening, Indrajit Hazra, Anita Roy and I read from our stories at the launch of Superhero, a collection of short stories from Scholastic. Nilanjana S. Roy moderated the discussion in style, at one point even leaving the stage to conduct a ground-level investigation into the hearts and minds of costumed children, one of whom, … Continue reading

Capering Duck

Will be doing a Q+A session with Sarnath Banerjee on the 5th of March in Cal, at the launch of The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers. Do come. It’s at the British Council, and I dont know what the time is yet; usually these things are at about 7. Not sure if you need passes, but … Continue reading

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