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You have (1) Superhero Upgrades Available.

(posted earlier on the Titan Books site, here) It’s amazing that superheroes are still popular, because our concerns as a species have become terrifyingly small. Earlier generations used to really believe in things; gods, life in outer space waiting to greet or annihilate us, nuclear bombs, unknown monsters, evil, identikit foreigners. It was an easier … Continue reading

George RR Martin

Here‘s a GRRM piece I wrote for the Sunday Guardian.

Guttersnipe update

I keep forgetting to do this. These are some of the comics columns I wrote for HT over the last few months. Earliest first, in case you wonder why they seem to have no connections with current events   *** As a rabid comics/graphic novels fan, I’m happy whenever I see a comic-book adaptation, regardless … Continue reading

Double emergence

The Week is now my favourite magazine. There was the Indian fantasy thing, and now my bit in this week’s cover story on emerging Indians will explain why.

Falling Forest Trees.

Cover story on Indian fantasy in The Week. National newsmagazine, people. Walls, writing on . See, now we actually exist.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: HT review

I read my first Harry Potter book in 1998 on a crowded bus in Calcutta; this was at a time when Pottermania hadn’t risen to rival Beatlemania at its most insane, in a place where you didn’t have to bother with things like adult covers because people were far too busy keeping their faces out … Continue reading

HT comics column .2

If you’re interested in comics at all, you’re probably aware that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are both going to make movies based on the adventures of Tintin, India’s favourite comicbook detective. And if not, well, I just told you, so now you know. What’s most intriguing about these films is the new technology they’re … Continue reading

HT comics column .3

Apologies for dumping this on the main page now that I have an Articles section, but cant seem to find the link on the HT site Last month, Persepolis, an animated film based on the books by Iranian comics writer/artist and irregular New York Times columnist Marjane Satrapi, was nominated for the Palm d’Or and … Continue reading

On Monarchy: HT

God’s been saving the Queen, all right. Remarkably well-preserved at 80, the world’s best-known reigning monarch (the King of Pop has clearly abdicated) celebrated her birthday recently with much pomp and splendour. The media were warm and fuzzy as usual, reporting extensively on such thrilling moments as the Queen’s lunch with 99 ‘exact twins’, people … Continue reading

On thinness-related disorders: Hindustan Times

JK Rowling recently won more points among parents and children worldwide when she spoke out angrily on her website about the widespread idolization of ‘empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones’ with ‘oversized handbags and rat-sized dogs’ – no, not rival authors, but models and other celebrities with fake fast metabolisms and real eating disorders, the patron saints … Continue reading

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