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On sporting injuries: HT

As soon as the news of Sachin Tendulkar’s shoulder injury hit the airwaves, I got a phone call from a friend, an ardent cricket fan and conspiracy theorist. ‘It’s all a conspiracy,’ he declared, predictably. ‘It’s because they booed him in Bombay. There’s no injury. This is some image consultant’s doing. He needs to lie … Continue reading

Chaos Theory: Hindustan Times

Last week, Neil Clark, curator of paleontology at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, put forward a startling theory to the British press – that the Loch Ness monster, best loved and most merchandised of all the world’s mysterious monsters, was actually a submerged, bathing Indian circus elephant, a performer from Bertram Mills’ travelling circus, which … Continue reading

Fishwrap: HT

On the 1st of January this year, the Sunday Times revealed the results of an (excuse the bad pun) undercover operation – they sent typedmanuscripts of the opening chapters of two Booker-winning novels to leading publishers and agents in the UK disguised as works by unknown, aspiring authors, and writhed in glee as one after … Continue reading

Weird news 2005: HT

Another year ends, and as usual, everyone is depressed, or drunk, or both. And those who aren’t still idealistic enough to make New Year resolutions lists are busy making Last Year recollections lists. While 2005 has been a particularly sad year, full of calamities natural and man-made, there’s always room for both hope and happy … Continue reading


The good folks at the Indian Express, Mumbai, have carried a short extract from The Manticore’s secret here.

Happy New Year

to all of you. Keep smiling, and keep reading, says Rana in the HT.

Capital Letters: Outlook City Limits

this was for the Capital Letters section in Outlook City Limits’ new issue In A Dream of a Thousand Cats, Neil Gaiman wrote that cats ruled the worlds before humans did, and could dream themselves back into power – if only a thousand cats could dream of the same world at the same time. Cats … Continue reading

Chaos Theory 1: Hindustan Times

This was the first HT column, came out some days ago in Delhi under the headline Wake Up and Smell the Copy on the HT edit page. “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?(Subtitle: Who will watch the watchmen)” asked the Roman poet Juvenal with some asperity, sometime around the second century AD. This was, of course, … Continue reading

On Comics: City Limits

*note: this is supposed to be missionary-type article, and is not meant for you comics-literate types* Back in the days when the Internet, mobile phones and digital video cameras were as sci-fi as Flash Gordon, when Indrajaal Comics were everywhere and Bahadur, Mandrake and Phantom ruled the hearts and minds of Indian kids, comics knew … Continue reading

Roundabout: A Delhi fable

Appeared in Outlook’s new city magazine, City Limits, available today: Once upon a time in the not so distant future, there lives a man named Arkesh ‘Jazzy’ Arora. Arkesh is a prince of the city of djinns. He owns a large water-power-food conglomerate, several suburban shopping malls, two riverbed-side five-star hotels, four thriving slums and … Continue reading

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