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Resistance Lives! A joyous round 11 (with some Stoob on the side)

Haven’t been posting for the longest time, and this bunch of reviews/interviews/things has been on my mind for a while. Resistance is still doing its thing out there, as we head towards another winter. Stoob 2 is to be published soon, the first round of artwork is in, and in the meantime I’m very grateful for these:

Some very kind reviews of Resistance:

“In Resistance, Basu writes the perfect sequel with stronger villains, more dynamic action, and deeper relationships between the characters; who’ve now lived more than a decade in a world of super powered shenanigans. ” – Atomic Moo

“If you’re looking for action and drama, Resistance is it.” – Retrenders

“Japan’s kaiju and giant mechas; superheroes and those who oppose them; global conspiracies and a future earth on the verge of dystopian collapse. Except for the fact that the author brings them all together so brilliantly in a single novel. Plus, anyone who can additionally fold in sly references to Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, while riding roughshod over the Caucasian-centric mould of most tales of the ilk, assuredly gets my vote.” – Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing

Resistance is an action-packed, fun and thrilling superhero story that delves even deeper into the questions of what it is to be a hero and a villain. It’s bigger, funnier and even more self-aware thanTurbulence and offers up plenty of surprises. If you’re not reading this series yet, why not? Don’t make Uzma Tell you to.” – Fantasy Faction

I think that might be the last round. What a joyous bunch of reviews it’s been for Resistance. Do have a look.

And here’s more on Stoob:

An interview at Helter Skelter

“Samit Basu is a well read author, and uses contemporary references in a manner that children would recognise and love immediately. What Stoob ‘thinks’ is what most children think – about parents, friends, teachers, school and the conflict between right and wrong. ” – The Good Book Corner

An interview on India Reads

Also, I had the pleasure of chatting with ABC Melbourne about Indian superheroes and comicbook culture: Here and here.


About Samit Basu

Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


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